While Pugh Remains On Indefinite Leave, Acting Mayor Jack Young Meets With Md. DelegationYoung is scheduled to meet with Maryland's congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., later Tuesday afternoon, before coming back to the city to the war memorial for a taxpayers' night, scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.
HBO's John Oliver Slams Baltimore Mayor Pugh's 'Healthy Holly' Book Deals On 'Last Week Tonight'The segment was inspired by a scandal that comes amid several investigations into her business deals, from a variety of places- including the state prosecutor's office, the City's Board of Ethics, the City's law department, the state insurance commissioner and an internal audit from the UMMS.
Md. Senate Unanimously Approves Emergency Bill To Overhaul UMMS Board, Prompted By Mayor Pugh's Book DealsBy a unanimous vote, the Maryland Senate has approved an emergency bill to overhaul the board of the University of Maryland Medical System- prompted by Mayor Pugh's book dealings with the organization.
Board Of Ethics Opens Investigation Into Mayor Pugh's 'Healthy Holly' DealsThe City's Board of Ethics met behind closed doors Wednesday and decided to open an investigation into the mayor's book deals.
Associated Black Charities Collected Nearly $90K To Buy, Distribute Copies Of 'Healthy Holly' BooksABC received 4,500 copies of the 10,000 Healthy Holly books purchased for direct distribution for African American children. Records then further showed that of the 4,500 received, 4,100 were distributed to child care centers and youth-serving organizations in Baltimore and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 
Baltimore Mayor Pugh To Take Leave Of Absence Amid 'Healthy Holly' Book Controversy, Cites 'Health Issues'Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh will take a leave of absence in the midst of the "Healthy Holly" book controversy, 
Mayor Pugh Speaks Out Amid 'Healthy Holly' UMMS Controversy | 'I'm Not Perfect'After skipping out on public meetings Wednesday, she spoke for the first time in Annapolis Thursday morning.
UMMS CEO Takes Leave Of Absence As Board Remains Under ScrutinyRobert A. Chrencik will begin his absence Monday, as the board plans to open a review of their practices, the board said in a statement.
Mayor Pugh Returns $100K From Book Sales To University Of Maryland Medical SystemMayor Pugh took Wednesday off from multiple public appearances in the wake of an ethics controversy surrounding her time on the board of the University of Maryland Medical System.
Gov. Hogan To Hold Meeting On Medical System's Board Gov. Larry Hogan has scheduled a meeting to discuss how to address revelations that about a third of the University of Maryland Medical System's board of directors has received compensation through the network's contracts with their businesses.
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's Healthy Holly LLC Gave Up To $7K To Political Campaigns, Including Her OwnBaltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's book company has given $7,040 in political contributions over the last three years, including $5,000 to her own campaign, tax forms show.