Doctors Warn High-Intensity Exercise During COVID-19 Pandemic Could Come With Heart RisksLifebridge Health Director of Sports Cardiology Dr. Sunal Makadia says the virus affects the heart in different ways and different levels than other viruses.
Taking A Bath Isn't Just Relaxing, It Could Also Be Good For Your Heart, Study SaysPrevious research on bathing has already shown that it's beneficial for sleep quality and how healthy a person thinks they are.
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Reduce Cholesterol Earlier In Life To Prevent Heart Problems Later, Study SaysTo prevent heart problems later in life, people 45 and younger with higher levels of bad cholesterol might want to change their eating and exercise habits, or even talk to their doctor about medications such as statins, a new study says.
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Medical Guidelines Say Daily Aspirin Is Too Risky For Most Healthy People. A New Study Says Some Can BenefitThe study found that aspirin reduces the risk of heart problems for at-risk patients and for some patients without a known risk of cardiovascular disease
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The Seven Heart Disease Risk Factors You Can Control, Including One Nearly All of Us Struggle WithHeart disease is the leading cause of death in developed countries. Through advances in medicine and surgery, as well as an awareness of heart disease and prevention, overall deaths due to heart disease in the United States have declined in recent years.
Half Of People Prescribed Statins Don't Reach Cholesterol Goals After Two Years, Study SaysHalf of all people who are prescribed statins for the prevention of heart disease fail to reach target cholesterol levels two years later, according to a new study.