WEATHER BLOG: Cloudy & HumidWell we lucked out Monday as high pressure over East Canada kept rain down to our south.
WEATHER BLOG: Calm ThursdayThe weather will be pleasant for the next couple of days, with several places in the East getting a much needed opportunity to dry out.
WEATHER BLOG: Pleasant WednesdayFor many locations in the Northeast, its looking more and more like Wednesday will be the last day we can say (with a high level of confidence) that no rain will fall in the big cities and most communities located near the coast.
WEATHER BLOG: Clearing Skies, Low HumidityIt's going to be beautiful before not too long. Even as I write this the winds have shifted out of the northwest. That will be a big dome of high pressure filtering into the mid-Atlantic.
WEATHER BLOG: Heat And Humidity On The Rise High pressure will slowly drift east over the next 24+ hours and as it moves, we will be on the lookout for a few isolated thunderstorms through Tuesday (mainly north and west of the the metropolitan).
WEATHER BLOG: Nice WeatherDon’t over think this forecast. It is getting nice. It will stay nice. And that’s nice.
WEATHER BLOG: ThunderstormIt's a stalled front, just down to our south, that is the pain in our barometer.
WEATHER BLOG: One More Dry DayHigh pressure is moving off the coast into the Atlantic Ocean. Southwest wind will help boost our temperatures up a couple degrees as our temperatures climb.
WEATHER BLOG: The Sun Comes OutFriday should be even nicer than Thursday was as a high-pressure system builds into the Eastern region during the next 24 hours.
WEATHER BLOG: Warmer, But With A Chance Of RainAfter a virtually cloudless day Monday, the ridge of high pressure in control of our weather will shift off of the coast Monday night allowing our flow to turn southwesterly by Tuesday.
WEATHER BLOG: Cloudy, Warm And WetA cold front over the Great Lakes region will move into our area this afternoon. High pressure will settle in along the eastern seaboard this weekend. A cold front will move through the Mid-Atlantic Monday into Tuesday.