Rewards Programs Can Offset Painful Prices At Baltimore Gas StationsHigh prices at gas stations may be pushing people toward gas rewards programs.
High Inflation Is Prompting Pet Owners To Surrender Pets To Animal SheltersSome pet owners are struggling to keep up with costs as high inflation is hitting their wallets hard, and some of them are having to give up their pets. 
Drivers Don't See Full Benefit From State Gas Tax HolidaysConsumers don't receive the full benefit of gas tax holidays, according to a recent analysis by the nonpartisan Penn Wharton Budget Model, which looked at suspensions in three states through mid-May.
United Way Steps Up Assistance As Maryland Families Struggle Under Rising InflationUnited Way of Central Maryland says their helpline call volume is up as more and more families struggle to afford everyday needs.
Soaring Inflation Is Increasing The Cost Of Living For People Who Commute To WorkIf you’ve been working from home and returning to the office, you’ll notice the cost of your favorite lunch items going up while some companies are quietly shrinking the sizes of your favorite food products.
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'Lunchflation' Is Real. Returning To The Office Is Costing Us A FortuneFood. Commuting. Daycare. Rising gas prices and soaring inflation have made going back to the office more expensive.
Franchot Calls For Special Session To Halt Maryland Gas Tax Hike, Implement 4-Month Gas Tax HolidayMaryland's gas tax is scheduled to increase by 18% on July 1, with increases in the state's tax on fuel indexed to inflation.