Despite Threats From Congress, D.C. Legalizes PotThe District of Columbia has defied threats from Congress and moved forward with legalizing possession of marijuana after a voter-approved initiative.
Md. Paying Close Attention To D.C. Pot LegalizationDC is just hours away from legalizing marijuana but Maryland is still at the center of a heated debate over the drug.
Pot Advocates Promote Legalization In MarylandA hot button issue is back in Annapolis--legalizing marijuana. Advocates are pushing to open the door to regulate pot, but some say not so fast.
Legalizing Marijuana In D.C. Could Mean More Pot Coming Into Md.A landmark moment in Washington, D.C. as voters approve legal marijuana in the district. But with D.C. right in our backyard, police in Maryland worry legalization is happening too close to home.
Poll: D.C. Voters Strongly Favor Pot LegalizationA new poll shows that District of Columbia residents favor legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.
Pope Warns Legalizing Marijuana A Very Bad Idea; Mizeur DisagreesLegalizing marijuana has been a hot topic. Maryland gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur is saying she'd like to make it legal in Maryland.
Sound Off: Decriminalization Of Marijuana A Step Toward Legalization?Now that Maryland is decriminalizing marijuana, could legalization be far behind?
Md. Lawmakers Pro-Medical Marijuana Want To Include Treatment For ChildrenSome lawmakers are hoping to jump-start Maryland's stalled medical marijuana program and include treatment for children.
Gubernatorial Candidate Mizeur Proposes Marijuana Legalization In Md.A candidate for governor wants to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and she's drawing passionate reaction.