Weather Blog: Warm ThanksgivingClearing and warm today, a heck of a forecast. But we have had warmer Thanksgivings, and the record for this date is 72° set in 1979.
Weather Blog: Happy Thanksgiving EveIt is Thanksgiving eve! It is quiet, it is calm, and it is mild. Today near 60°. Tomorrow near 70°.
Weather Blog: Nice Weekend AheadThe weekend forecast is still on track to be epic. And the forecast for continued mild temps well into next week is showing great consistency. All quiet on the weather front.
Weather Blog: Forecasting Sunny & 70sWhen we, very occasionally, have a great run of weather like we are having now there really is not much more to say than, sunny and in the 70s. Enjoy!
Weather Blog: Don't Let This Epic Warm November Weekend Slip Away!Wednesday begins a run of EPIC early November weather. EPIC, but not unusual. Just as we can have a chilly spring, as we had this year, we can have a warm early fall as we are having now.
Weather Blog: Clear Skies For Maryland, But Hurricane Eta Ravaging Central AmericaEta is coming ashore in Central America with winds of 180 mph -- a Category 4 storm. Some modeling suggests a few locations will get over 40 inches of rain.
Weather Blog: Cool But Dry Ahead Of Election DayIt is the eve of the 2020 election. Clearly the big story is the Presidential election, but any election is important. And weather always plays into them.
Weather Blog: Sunny WednesdaySunny and 80 degrees Wednesday, generally sunny Thursday with another high of 80 degrees. It’s no tougher than that.
Weather Blog: Last Full Day Of SummerMonday is the last full day of Summer! Fall begins at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.
Weather Blog: Sunny, Seasonal, And HotIt’s Friday Eve and all is good. Good and hot that is.
Weather Blog: Thunderstorms AgainAnd with thunderstorms in the forecast, again, we need to be aware that any thunderstorms could bring heavy downpours and gusty winds.