Weather Blog: Friday Eve Is HereYesterday as the rain ended and the low passed on to the North, the wind swept in and howled during the night. Overnight, as was forecasted, the winds calmed down a bit. 
Weather Blog: Here Comes The RainHigh pressure moving into the Mid-Atlantic will rapidly try to fill in the gap left by that low. 
Weather Blog: No Rain Until WednesdayAnother nice day lay ahead. You may want to get any running around you need to do tomorrow, done today, if possible. 
Weather Blog: Great News!Sunny and 3 shy of 80° this afternoon. 77° on October 14th. What a fine day we have.
Weather Blog: Rain Coming UpWe have some rain in the forecast for 4 of the next 7 days. Finally.
Weather Blog: First Dose Of FallYesterday's all time record setting temperature for the month of October is now in the past, and here comes the first dose of Fall.
Weather Blog: Record HeatHard to not make this blog about an afternoon with the forecast high 25+ degrees above the baseline.
Weather Blog: Above AverageWe are on a heck of a run of beautiful weather. And will stay on this run, right now it appears, through next week.
Weather Blog: A New Season?Dressing for the crisp morning air but not so much so to be uncomfortable in the mild hours of the afternoon. #SeasonsChanging
Weather Blog: Clearing SkiesClearing skies today, humidity peeling out of the area, and very comfortable temps.
Weather Blog: Hot Thursday, Possible ThunderstormsCheers! It's Friday eve! And this Thursday could be a very hot one.