Weather Blog: Mild President's DayOver the next seven days, we will remain mild for 5 of them with Thursday and Friday being a bit chilly, but not cold.
Weather Blog: More Rain ComingWe will mild up again, as has been discussed, but now we can add another day to the end of the "Seven Day Forecast", that will also be mild.
Weather Blog: Rainy DayA blustery wind will help the dry out tomorrow afternoon. Then we get back to mild. 44° will be the normal daytime high as we move into the weekend.
Weather Blog: Light RainHump day and it began quite mild.  Overnight we were in the mid-'50s. A gentle Northerly breeze has dropped temps down to the mid-'40s.
Weather Blog: Mild MorningA temperature roller coaster is on the way with the low 50's then the low 40's headed our way.
Weather Blog: Mild Temperatures To Start The New Year!Welcome to a new year and new decade, but some things have not changed since we last spoke in 2019, and that would be the word mild.
Weather Blog: A Calm, Mild Start To 2020!Calm weather starts the last day of the year, and calm weather to start 2020.
Weather Blog: Mild MondayThat last weekend's Saturday "feel" will hit again this next Saturday to be honest about it.
Weather Blog: A Mild FridayMild, warm, darn near hot is the best way to describe the daytime highs the next few days.
Weather Blog: Quiet For Return Holiday TravelWeather life is good.
Weather Blog: Mild Forecast For Veterans DayVeterans Day 2019. There is no amount of gratitude we can say that can even come close to expressing not only thanks but how much each and every one of you means to us, our kids and future generations.