Weather Blog: Nuts & Bolts On SnowThe storm will be a long duration even from this afternoon through Friday morning.
Weather Blog: More SnowA snowfall starts tomorrow late afternoon.
Weather Blog: Round 2 Of SnowRound two of snow, and windswept at times, is on the way and that may be your best friend this afternoon.
Weather Blog: Snow Is ComingSnow IS coming at the end of the weekend and now that weather event is looking pretty impressive.
Weather Blog: Brutal ColdA big old high dropping out of Central Canada brought with it some air right out of the Polar Vortex.
Weather Blog: Wind ChillThe headline today will be Wind Chill.
Weather Blog: Real ColdA look ahead to the weather this weekend.
Weather Blog: Cold ComingAt first glance a sunny weekend with temps in the upper 30s does not seem all that bad.
Weather Blog: Mild JanuaryOur run of calm January weather continues today, and we are getting solid indications it will remain calm into mid-week, next week
Weather Blog: Less Is MoreAgain, and believe me this never gets old, again we have a clear and calm start to the day. Again we have a sunny and calm afternoon.
Weather Blog: Coldest Time Of The YearWe are at the beginning of the two, statistically, coldest weeks of the year.
Weather Blog: Victory MondayWe are now moving toward the middle of January and the weather through this week will be calm and mild.
Weather Blog: Purple Friday ForecastSunday’s weather, here, will mirror Sunday’s weather in Nashville as we have been discussing this week.
Weather Blog: Windswept Rain On Christmas EveBy the time windswept rain hits the area tomorrow the world should be shutting down for Christmas eve anyway.
Weather Blog: Chess and WeatherI got to thinking Chess and weather are very similar.