Weather Blog: Where Has Marty Been?You may wonder why we are now seeing these weather blogs every other week
Weather Blog: April ShowersHey you know me, the weekend is here, we have adjusted to a new weekend vibe.
Weather Blog: Gray, Cool Week AheadAnother week in April has begun and another mostly gray, and cool week, is upon us.
Weather Blog: Weekend WeatherT.G.I.F! Short, sweet and to the point, that is the message today.
Maryland Weather: Wind Advisory Issued For Friday; Frost Advisory TonightA wind advisory is in effect for most of Maryland Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Weather Blog: Perfect Weekend To Stay InYesterday was a beautiful day and too tempting a day, weather-wise. Sunny, a spring breeze and 78° made us want to get out.
Weather Blog: Strong Storms OvernightSo last overnight we had a couple of lines of thunderstorms move across the area.
Weather Blog: Weekends Are WeekendsWeekends are weekends no matter what.
Weather Blog: Showers TodayShowers today, and cool temps will really get the already pretty beautiful Spring into a higher gear.
Weather Blog: Signs Of SpringIt's Friday Eve! Let the good time, begin, to roll! 
Baltimore Weather Blog: Don't Jinx ItMild winter weather continues.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Welcome To MarchWelcome to March and my bottom line today is the extended outlook -- or the 7-day forecast.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Wind ChillWind Chill: two words we have not had to deal with all that much this season
Baltimore Weather Blog: February ThunderstormsThunderstorms in the forecast for later on. You may be saying in late February thunderstorms? Not common but not as uncommon as you might think.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Fat TuesdayIt's "Fat Tuesday!" It is the day before Mardi Gras! It is another mark on the calendar that is a guidepost to Spring.