Maryland General Assembly Remembers House Speaker Busch On Last Day Of SessionThe Maryland General Assembly is entering the last day of its legislative session, with lawmakers grieving the loss of longtime House Speaker Michael Busch.
A Look At Measures Passed By The Maryland General AssemblyThe Maryland General Assembly's annual 90-day session ends Monday at midnight. Here's a look at some of the measures that have been passed to Gov. Larry Hogan's desk so far:
Maryland Lawmakers Pass Bill Require Rape Kit TestsThe Maryland General Assembly has passed a measure to require rape kits to be tested.
House Overrides Gov. Hogan's Veto On School Start Bill, Other BillsThe Maryland House of Delegates overrode Gov. Larry Hogan's veto of a bill that lets local school boards decide whether school begins before or after Labor Day.
General Assembly Gives Final Approval To $46.6B BudgetThe Maryland General Assembly has given final approval to the state's $46.6 billion budget for the next fiscal year.
Maryland Lawmakers Pass $15 Minimum Wage Starting In 2025Maryland lawmakers have passed the 'Fight for 15' bill.
Maryland May Raise Smoking Age To 21, Limit Vape MarketingSeveral bills in the Maryland General Assembly could raise the age to purchase tobacco and vape products from 18 to 21 as well as prohibit certain types of "vape" packaging that target minors.
Md. General Assembly Not Voting On Legalizing Sports Betting In 2019The Maryland General Assembly will not vote on legalizing sports betting this year.
Coding Classes Would Count As Foreign Language Under BillMiddle and high school students in Maryland may be allowed to learn a programming language to fulfill foreign language requirements under a bill with bipartisan support that is scheduled to be heard Friday in the House Ways and Means committee.
Should Motorcycles Be Able To Split Lanes In Traffic?Should motorcycles be able to drive in between cars when traffic is backed up?
Maryland GOP Outlines Tax Cut, Public Safety, ProposalsMaryland House Republicans are outlining several priorities for the state's legislative session, including a tax cut and public safety initiatives