Baltimore Woman Going On 40 Years Volunteering With Meals On WheelsA Baltimore woman has been volunteering for Meals On Wheels for 40 years.
Five-Year-Old Girl Saves Up Allowance Money, Donates It To Meals On WheelsFive-year-old Tysie has been saving up her allowance money after she heard her teacher talk about the charity in her kindergarten class, and on Friday she brought in her charity jar- containing $41.67.
Fed. Budget Cuts Could Mean No Funding For Meals On WheelsMore than three thousand seniors are served meals daily in central Maryland, but the White House budget director said Thursday there's no proof that Meals on Wheels is effective.
Presents For Pets: Maryland SPCA Calls On The Community To Donate TreatsIf you love animals, there's a way to help them as we near the end of the year. It’s called Presents for Pets.
Annual Mason Dixon Chef Tournament Benefits Meals On WheelsSo who's the best chef in Baltimore? We're about to find out as the annual Mason-Dixon Master Chef Tournament continues.
Meals On Wheels Face Hard Choices With Funding CutBudget cuts from Congress are forcing some Meals on Wheels providers to slash programs for seniors or shut down completely.
Washington Co. Drops FedEx Senior Meal DeliveryThe Washington County Commission on Aging says prepackaged meals delivered by FedEx just don't measure up to hot food from Meals on Wheels.
Meals On Wheels Requests In Maryland On The RiseMany Annapolis residents have come to depend on Meals on Wheels, a nonprofit organization that provides nutritious meals for people who are unable to provide food for themselves.