University Of Maryland Medical System Commits To $15 Per Hour Minimum WageThe University of Maryland Medical System on Friday committed to a $15 per hour minimum wage, raising the salaries of 1,500 workers.
Bank Of America Will Raise Its Minimum Wage To $25 By 2025Bank of America said Tuesday that it will raise the hourly minimum wage of its US employees to $25 by 2025.
Democrats Introduce Bill To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 By 2025Seeking to fulfill a long-standing Democratic ambition, a coalition of lawmakers introduced a bill on Tuesday that would raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Maryland Minimum Wage Rises To $11.75Maryland's minimum wage is going up.
Maryland's Minimum Wage Climbs To $11.75 Per Hour Starting Friday, Slightly Less For Smaller BusinessesMinimum wage workers in Maryland will see a pay increase starting Friday.
Increasing The Minimum Wage By $1 Could Reduce US Suicide Rates, Study FindsAn increase in the minimum wage could help prevent thousands of suicides every year among workers with a high school degree or less, especially during times when unemployment rates are higher.
Maryland's Minimum Wage Rises To $11 An HourMaryland's minimum wage is rising to $11 an hour.
Bank Of America Will Hike Its Minimum Wage To $20Bank of America is raising its minimum pay to $20 an hour for its more than 205,000 employees.
Maryland Lawmakers Pass $15 Minimum Wage Starting In 2025Maryland lawmakers have passed the 'Fight for 15' bill.
Gov. Hogan Looking To Compromise On Fight For $15Governor Larry Hogan is trying to compromise when it comes to raising the minimum wage in Maryland.
Poll Suggests Most Marylanders Support Legalizing Marijuana, Upping Minimum WageFrom legalizing marijuana to upping the minimum wage, a new Goucher poll reveals where Marylanders fall on a variety of progressive issues across the state.