New Maryland Covid Cases Fueled By Delta Variant Rise Among Unvaccinated; Heartbroken Widow Wishes Husband Would’ve Taken VaccineHealth officials across the state are concerned about the rise in the dangerous and more contagious Delta variant, which now makes up almost half of Maryland’s new cases.
Covid-19 Breakthrough Infections Are Preventable, But It's Going To Take A Big Effort To Stop ThemAs Covid-19 case numbers overall are on the rise again across the United States, breakthrough infections, while rare, are making headlines.
Doctors & Health Officials Say Their Latest Covid-19 Hospital Patients Are Unvaccinated & Increasingly YoungerCovid-19 is putting younger, healthy and mostly unvaccinated people in hospitals at higher rates as cases continue to climb in much of the US, health experts say.
Covid-19 Is Becoming A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated,' CDC Director SaysWith Covid-19 cases rising in all 50 states, health officials say it's clear that unvaccinated people are both driving the increase in cases and are most at risk.
A New Poll Shows Why Some Vaccine-Hesitant Americans Decided To Get The Covid-19 ShotRoughly one-fifth of Americans were initially hesitant about or squarely against getting the Covid-19 vaccine but have since gotten their shots, according to polling released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Unvaccinated People Are 'Variant Factories,' Infectious Diseases Expert SaysUnvaccinated people do more than merely risk their own health. They're also a risk to everyone if they become infected with coronavirus, infectious disease specialists say.
CDC Study Finds Coronavirus Vaccines Lead To Milder Disease In Rare Breakthrough InfectionsPeople who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, if they do become infected, have milder Covid-19 illness than unvaccinated people, a new US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study shows.
Maryland National Guard Taking Vaccines Into Communities With Mobile Unit As State Sees Lowest Numbers On RecordMaryland's COVID numbers are at their lowest point since the start of the pandemic, with the positivity rate sitting at 2 percent and fewer people being admitted to the hospital.  This can be accredited to the state's widespread vaccine efforts.
Maryland Makes Waves As Millions Get VaccinatedOver 2.7 million people are now fully vaccinated in Maryland and the state's vaccination rates, which were once behind others, now rank among the nation's best.
Baltimore County Hosts Second Dose Moderna Make-Up ClinicBaltimore County is hosting a second dose Moderna vaccine clinic for anyone who missed their scheduled second dose of the Moderna vaccine.
75 Baltimore-Area Kids Getting Vaccinated As Part Of Moderna TrialSeventy-five Baltimore-area children participated in a clinical trial at the University of Maryland Medical Center to make sure the Covid-19 vaccines are safe for other children.