Gov't Urged To Invoke Authority To Boost OD Antidote AccessThe Baltimore City Health Department is looking to the Trump administration to expand access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone.
Pregnant Woman Overdoses Twice After Being Given NarcanTwo police officers revived a pregnant woman who overdosed twice within 45 minutes in Philadelphia.
Schools, Libraries Help With Opioid Crisis By Carrying NalaxoneLibraries and schools will now be on the front lines of tackling Maryland's opioid crisis.
Deputy Uses Narcan To Save Woman Who OverdosedAuthorities are crediting a deputy trained to use Narcan with saving a woman's life who had overdosed.
Sheriff Won't Let His Deputies Carry Overdose AntidoteA sheriff in a county with record numbers of drug deaths in recent years is sticking to his longstanding refusal to allow deputies to carry an overdose antidote.
Baltimore Forced To Ration Life-Saving Narcan As Opioid Crisis WorsensIt can save lives, but Baltimore's Health Department is being forced to ration Narcan.
Baltimore Officials Make Opioid Antidote Easily Available Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen signed a new standing order making an antidote that reverses the effects of opioids available over the counter.
4 Treated For Overdose After Student Party Near Johns HopkinsFour students who were at a party broken up by Baltimore Police near Johns Hopkins Sunday night were hospitalized and treated with Narcan.
Heroin Overdose Deaths on Rise in Maryland It is an epidemic across Maryland communities. Startling new numbers show the number of overdose deaths in the state have spiked in 2016.
Just Say No to Narcan? Heroin Rescue Efforts Draw BacklashFirst responders in U.S. communities reeling from waves of heroin overdoses say some people tell them they should just say no to using so many resources on drug abusers.
Anne Arundel Police Have New Tool To Reverse Heroin OverdosesAnne Arundel County police are now armed to not only protect but to save lives. It's called Narcan and it's used to reverse a heroin overdose---but is it effective in the war on drugs and crime?