Hubble's Last 'Frontier Field' Image Shows Thousands Of Glittering GalaxiesStar Trek called space the "final frontier," and the Hubble Space Telescope uses the same term for the most distant images ever captured.
Second 'Great Spot' Found At Jupiter, Cold And High UpAnother 'Great Spot' has been found at Jupiter, this one cold and high up.
The James Webb Space Telescope Looks Deeper Than Any Telescope BeforeThe James Webb Space Telescope will look deeper than any other telescope before, to the edge of the big bang.
Science, Art Unite For Exhibit Inspired By NASA TelescopeNew artwork inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope is now on display in Maryland at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.
'Next Step' In Search For Extraterrestrial Life Undergoing Testing In Md.NASA's discovery of seven new worlds around a distant star is only the beginning.
NASA Satellite Tracks Snowfall, World Water SupplyA new NASA study is focusing on snow in the western United States, with a goal of better estimating the world's supply of fresh water.
Solar Flare Will Probably Trigger Northern LightsFor the first time in a week, a massive solar flare has sent high speed particles on a collision course with Earth.
NASA Forecasting Weather With New Global Precipitation MapsIn the western U.S., too little snow in the mountains means devastating drought. Now, a continent's worth of mountain snow can be measured.
Md. Astronaut Catches Northern Lights From SpaceThis week, earth was hit harder than expected by a massive blast from the sun.