Webb Telescope's First Test Images Include An Unexpected 'Selfie'Images like the ones NASA shared on Friday can help the Webb team make sure the mirrors are perfectly aligned before the observatory sets its sights on exoplanets and distant galaxies, forever changing the way we see the universe.
James Webb Space Telescope Reaches Final Stop 1 Million Miles OutThe world’s biggest, most powerful space telescope reached its final destination 1 million miles from Earth on Monday, a month after it lifted off on a quest to behold the dawn of the universe.
Hopkins Astrophysicist Receives One Of The Nation's Oldest Scientific PrizesJohns Hopkins University astrophysicist Dr. Charles Bennett was awarded one of the oldest scientific prizes in the nation for his role in leading a NASA mission to measure the origin and development of the universe.
NASA Nails Trickiest job On Newly Launched James Webb Space TelescopeNASA aced the most complicated, critical job on its newly launched space telescope Tuesday: unrolling and stretching a sunshade the size of a tennis court.
James Webb Space Telescope, Set To Launch In December, Has Multiple Maryland ConnectionsThe Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore will serve as the mission operations center for the James Webb Space Telescope.
NASA Awards $72M To UMBC, Morgan State For Earth Science Research CenterPartners in the consortium include Colorado State University, Arizona State University and Pennsylvania State University as well as companies like Northrop Grumman. 
Ex-Senior NASA Employee Gets 18 Months For Pandemic FraudA former senior NASA employee who cheated the government out of nearly $275,000 in pandemic-related financial assistance has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.
NASA Rocket Launch Tuesday Morning Will Be Visible From MarylandIf you missed the recent ring of fire solar clips, here's your chance to see something else fascinating in the sky. Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., a rocket is set to launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, which is near Chincoteague Island.
Rocket Launch From Wallops Island Should Be Visible From Maryland, Eastern SeaboardAfter weather postponed it several times, a rocket launch from Wallops Island is expected Wednesday night and will be visible across the Eastern seaboard.
Stunning Photos Of Pink Supermoon Captured In MarylandA pink supermoon glowed over Maryland and the world overnight.
Amazing Close-Up Of Venus Captured By NASA Parker Solar ProbeWhile on a journey to study the sun, NASA's Parker Solar Probe has captured an incredible new view of Venus.