Ex-Senior NASA Employee Gets 18 Months For Pandemic FraudA former senior NASA employee who cheated the government out of nearly $275,000 in pandemic-related financial assistance has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.
NASA Rocket Launch Tuesday Morning Will Be Visible From MarylandIf you missed the recent ring of fire solar clips, here's your chance to see something else fascinating in the sky. Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., a rocket is set to launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, which is near Chincoteague Island.
Rocket Launch From Wallops Island Should Be Visible From Maryland, Eastern SeaboardAfter weather postponed it several times, a rocket launch from Wallops Island is expected Wednesday night and will be visible across the Eastern seaboard.
Stunning Photos Of Pink Supermoon Captured In MarylandA pink supermoon glowed over Maryland and the world overnight.
Amazing Close-Up Of Venus Captured By NASA Parker Solar ProbeWhile on a journey to study the sun, NASA's Parker Solar Probe has captured an incredible new view of Venus.
Maryland Scientists And Engineers Play Key Roles In Latest Mars MissionThe NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab played key roles in the success of NASA’s “Perseverance” Rover mission.
University Of Maryland Graduate Dr. Jeannette Epps To Become First Black Woman To Join International Space Station CrewA University of Maryland grad is making history.
NASA: An Asteroid Will Come Close To Earth Right Before Election DayWell, 2020 keeps getting better all the time. Amid a pandemic, civil unrest and a divisive U.S. election season, we now have an asteroid zooming toward us.
A Massive Asteroid Shower Hit Earth And The Moon 800 Million Years Ago, Study SaysOver the course of Earth's ancient history, our planet has been blitzed with a variety of foreign objects, some of which may have triggered major events shaping this place we now call home.
Marylanders May Catch A Glimpse Of A Minotaur Rocket Launch From Virginia On July 15The mission will be live-streamed beginning at 8:30 a.m. on the Wallops YouTube channel.
NASA Offering $35K In Prizes To Design A Toilet That Will Work On The MoonNASA wants you to help put the loo in lunar, so it's offering $35,000 in prizes to design a toilet that can be used on the moon.