National Zoo Reveals Baby Panda's GenderThe National Zoo has confirmed that their 6-week old baby panda is a boy.
Birth Of Panda Cub Brings 'Joyous News' To The National ZooGiant panda Mei Xiang gave birth Friday to a wiggling cub and immediately began cuddling her offspring, Washington's National Zoo said.
More Than A Decade Later, Zoo Lights At Smithsonian National Zoo Remains Popular DC AttractionEach holiday season since 2007, after the animals go to sleep, the rest of the Smithsonian National Zoo comes to life as a colorful winter wonderland. 
Help Name The National Zoo's Newest Baby PorcupineThe National Zoo in Washington needs your help naming its new baby porcupine.
Oh Baby! DC Zoo Officials Hoping To Get Panda PregnantZoo officials in Washington are hoping to get panda mom Mei Xiang pregnant — again.
US-Born Panda Bao Bao Lands In China After Leaving DC ZooBao Bao, an American-born panda cub, arrived in China on Wednesday evening after leaving the National Zoo in Washington.
One Last Day For Bao Bao At Her D.C. Home Before Heading To ChinaThe National Zoo is packing up its American-born panda cub Bao Bao for a one-way flight to China, where the 3-year-old will eventually join a panda breeding program.
Missing Bobcat, Ollie, Found On Zoo PropertyShortly after suspending its search for a bobcat that escaped from its enclosure, the National Zoo found Ollie on zoo property Wednesday afternoon.
National Zoo Suspends Search For Escaped BobcatThe National Zoo is suspending its search for a bobcat that escaped from its enclosure.
National Zoo Panda Cub Undergoes Surgery To Remove Bamboo Intestine BlockageThe National Zoo's younger panda cub, Bei Bei, is stable and recovering following an emergency bowel obstruction surgery.
Baby Orangutan Born At National Zoo Named ReddZookeepers at the National Zoo have named their new baby orangutan Redd.