Naval Academy Police Chief Facing Sexual Harassment Probe The police chief at the U.S. Naval Academy is under investigation following a complaint about sexual harassment.
Joe Bellino, Navy's First Heisman Trophy Winner, DiesJoe Bellino, Navy's first Heisman Trophy winner, died in Massachusetts on Wednesday.
'Reporting It Didn't Change Anything' | Sexual Assaults Spike At U.S. Military, Air Force, And Naval AcademiesThere’s a disturbing new Pentagon report that indicates sexual assault at three prestigious U.S. military academies spiked 50 percent in the past school year.
Naval Academy Midshipmen To Select Their First ShipsMidshipmen in the Class of 2019 who will serve as surface warfare officers after graduating will choose their first ship and homeport.
Audit Finds Deteriorating Infrastructure At Naval AcademyAn audit has found that the Naval Academy has decaying walls, plumbing issues and condemned offices and balconies.
Drip, Drip, Drip. Workers To Fix Naval Academy Chapel LeakWorkers hope to finally fix the leaks at the Naval Academy Chapel, which has been refurbished at least six other times.
Naval Academy Adjusting For Sea-Level RiseA U.S. Naval Academy oceanography professor says Annapolis' sea level is projected to rise as much as 3.6 feet (1.1 meter) by 2050.
U.S. Naval Academy Playing Host To The Commissioning Of The USS Sioux CityThe U.S. Naval Academy has a special visitor, with the academy playing host to the commissioning of the USS Sioux City.
Naval Academy Building Evacuated After Suspicious OdorThe Naval Academy is investigating reports of a suspicious odor coming from a classroom in their Chemistry department.
Naval Academy To Dismiss Midshipman Convicted Of Child SexThe Naval Academy says a midshipman is being dismissed following his sentencing to 12 to 24 years in prison for a sex crime involving a girl in North Carolina.
Naval Academy Charges Midshipman In Drug InvestigationThe U.S. Naval Academy announced Tuesday it is bringing charges against a midshipman who allegedly distributed illegal drugs, including cocaine.