Whales Have Worse Than Average Year For Getting Tangled In Fishing GearThe NOAA released a report on the subject of whale entanglement Thursday. The agency says the number of cases nationally was 76, and 70 of the entanglements involved live animals, while the rest were dead.
Spring Should Be Warmer Than Normal For Most In U.S., NOAA SaysThe official start of spring is just around the corner.
NOAA's Newest Weather Satellites Set To Launch Next WeekA lot will be riding on a NASA rocket on Feb. 27.
NOAA's New Satellite May Predict Severe Weather A Lot SoonerOn the ground, NOAA's satellite named Goes-16 looked impressive, but what it sees from 22,000 miles up is even more impressive.
Rising Sea Levels Threaten Md. CoastlinesA new warning that rising waters in the Chesapeake could threaten Maryland's coastline in just a few decades. On Tuesday, a new report says it could be worse than people first imagined.
Feds Expect More Tropical Storms Than Last 3 YearsU.S. government forecasters expect a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season, after three relatively slow years. But they also say climate conditions that influence storm development are making it difficult to predict how many hurricanes and tropical storms will arise over the next six months.
Tropical Storm Bonnie Has Slowed Down, For NowTropical Storm Bonnie has not moved much during the past few hours but it is expected to pick up some speed Saturday night.
Feds Expect More Atlantic Tropical Storms Than Last 3 YearsThe U.S. government will release its forecast Friday for how many hurricanes and tropical storms are expected to form this season.
NOAA: $9M For Projects To Mitigate Climate Change ThreatsThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is offering $9 million in grants to help coastal communities deal with extreme weather, changing ocean conditions and climate hazards.
Rubio's Climate Change Views Could Hurt 2016 Presidential BidThe presidential hopeful has acknowledged that the climate is changing, but has expressed skepticism that it is being caused solely by humans.
Study: Parts Of Md. Could Flood At Least 30 Times A YearA new study adds to the growing number of warnings about flooding in Maryland.