Teaching Experience Earns Baltimore Entrepreneur Continued Success“Communication skills are very important, and having an education shows people that you are a hardworking, committed, persevering person. Respect is crucial. I run my business like a team. No one works for me; everyone works with me," says Guy Pritzker.
New Owner Plans 'Patient' Approach To Rocky Gap CasinoThe new owner of the Rocky Gap Casino Resort in western Maryland is in no hurry to make changes.
Former Baltimore Nurse Gets Creative In Her Encore CareersAs baby boomers retire in record numbers from jobs many have held for decades, they are turning to second or what are often called ‘encore’ careers as work options.
Baltimore Entrepreneur Eager To Nourish Her DreamAs of year end 2014, women entrepreneurs, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners, now lead 9.1 million enterprises, and 20 percent of companies with revenue of one million or more now has a woman at the helm.
Baltimore Business Coach Helps Struggling Businesses With Sound AdviceThe experts hedge over the exact numbers of businesses that fail within the first five years, but the numbers are about 50 percent, which is enough to suggest there is a need for veteran business managers and executives to share their expertise through coaching.
Baltimore Technology Entrepreneur Has Seen Industry EvolutionIn 1989, Xerox had an idea that many thought impossible at the time: that computers would one day be handheld devices. As of early 2015, Bloomberg reports that the wireless industry is maturing at approximately 235 million users in the U.S. alone.
Music Therapist Is Also An Educator, Entrepreneur In BaltimoreAccording to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is recognized as a valuable tool in educational settings particularly where there are special needs.
Lawsuit Filed Against Md. Bar Owner Accused Of Peeping Tom ViolationsA Howard County woman and others are suing the owner of the Rams Head Group over hidden cameras in the women's bathroom.
Preschool Initiative To Create Many Opportunities For Baltimore ECE TeachersBaltimore Director and preschool teacher, Jennifer Dorsey, offers some advice on how to succeed in early childhood education.
Tips To Get Your Website To The Top Of A Google SearchIncreasing the digital presence of your business may be easier than you think. A strong digital presence can increase revenue, even for businesses that rely on walk-in traffic.
Schwag: Top 5 Promotional Gift IdeasIf you are trying to get more recognition for your business, promotional items are an effective tool. But all schwag is not created equally.