14K Infant Carriers Sold At Target Recalled Due To Fall HazardAn infant carrier sold at Target was recalled due to a fall hazard, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Parents Who Read To Their Child On A Tablet End Up Having Less Interaction Together, New Study FindsThe joy of bedtime stories is twofold for parents: They can coax their children to sleep and use it as an excuse to snuggle up with their little ones. To maximize parent-child bonding, though, a study says parents are better off reading to their children from a print book than from a tablet.
Study: Child Care Costs 27% More Than Average City Rent In DC, More Affordable In MarylandOf working parents surveyed by Care.com, 31% put themselves further into debt to afford childcare, 37% stopped paying off debts and 37% stopped saving money.
Having Kids Makes You Happier, Once They've Moved OutHaving children will make you happier than staying childless, according to a new study, but not until later in life, when they have flown the nest.
Annapolis Surrogacy Company, Owner Charged For 'Unfair, Deceptive Practices'The Maryland Attorney General filed two civil charges against an Annapolis-based surrogacy company after the owner allegedly took thousands of dollars from couples wanting a baby through surrogacy, but failed to provide them with the services they paid for.
Adult Children Are Costing Many Parents Their Retirement SavingsHalf of American parents have cut back on their retirement savings to help pay their children's bills, a Bankrate.com study shows.
New Mom, Who Lost Job Over Request To Pump At Work, Speaks OutAn Alabama mother who lost her job after she asked her employer if she could pump breast milk at work is speaking out to raise awareness.
'It's Filled A Hole In My Heart' | Maryland Man Finds Birth Mother With The Help Of DNA Test KitChristian Guerrero's home is in Maryland, but he returned to Austin, Texas, where he was born 47 years ago.
Porch Pirate Steals NICU Baby's Handmade Quilt, Baltimore Mother Hopes For Its Return A Baltimore mother is hoping someone will return a baby blanket that was stolen from her doorstep.
Little Evidence That Screen Time Is Harmful For Kids, Say DoctorsThere is little evidence that screen time is in itself harmful to a child's health, says new guidance published by pediatricians.
Woman's Hilarious '336 Month' Birthday Photo Shoot Goes ViralA South Carolina photographer's unique photo shoot went viral over the weekend.