Bill Would Remove Md. Governor's Office From Parole DecisionsA bill being considered at the State House would take parole decisions out of the governor's office, with proponents saying the Maryland parole board should be allowed to do its job.
Court Eyes Whether Juvenile Lifers Have Real Parole ChanceMaryland's highest court is mulling whether juvenile offenders serving life sentences are unconstitutionally being denied meaningful opportunities for parole.
Former Manson Disciple Van Houten Granted Parole AgainLeslie Van Houten, the youngest of Charles Manson's murderous followers, was granted parole by a state board Wednesday, though California's governor can still block her release as he has done before.
O.J. Simpson Triumphant, Others Devastated As He Gets ParoleBarring any last-minute snafus, O.J. Simpson will walk out of prison a free man in about three months, having persuaded a Nevada parole board the bungled hotel-room heist he pulled nearly 10 years ago was a monumental error in judgment and one he will never repeat.
Journalist Ron Olsen Recounts The O.J. Simpson Case As Simpson Earns ParoleVeteran cross-platform journalist Ron Olsen joined the Scott Garceau Show to recount his side of covering the madness from the 90's all the way up to OJ's situation right now. 
How And Where OJ Simpson's Parole Hearing Will Take PlaceNevada parole officials have set a July 20 date to decide whether O.J. Simpson should be paroled after serving the mandatory minimum of a nine-to-33 year sentence for an armed robbery involving two sports collectibles dealers in Las Vegas in 2007.
Parole Recommended for Follower of Charles MansonA parole panel on Wednesday recommended the release of a former follower of cult leader Charles Manson after California governors blocked four previous parole recommendations.
Life Without Parole Measure Draws Passionate DebateMaryland senators on Friday passionately debated a bill that would designate judges, rather than juries, to decide life without parole sentences.
Measure Would Take Maryland Governor Out Of Parole ProcessA state commission, not Maryland's governor, should decide whether to release parole-eligible inmates who are serving life sentences, critics of the current law said Thursday.
ACLU: Parole Board Should Have Final Say On Inmate ReleaseGiving parole where parole is due. The ACLU and other organizations are calling on lawmakers to give the state parole board final say over the release of inmates.
Maryland Second Chance Act To Get HearingA Maryland measure that would close some nonviolent criminal misdemeanor records from public access after a three- to five-year waiting period is scheduled for hearings.