Maryland Man Pays Tribute To Fiancee Killed In 9/11 AttacksFor one Maryland man, remembering 9/11 brings with it the pain of losing a loved one and knowing he could have been among the victims.
Marylanders Honor 9/11 Victims, 18 Years LaterFirst responders from around Maryland are honoring the victims of September 11, 2001 -- including fellow first responders -- 18 years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93 took the lives of 2,977 people. 
President Donald Trump Remembers 9/11 Victims, Along With Families At The PentagonAmericans commemorated 9/11 with solemn ceremonies and vows Wednesday to "never forget" 18 years after the deadliest terror attacks on American soil.
Runners, Bicyclists Depart Pentagon For Sept. 11 FundraiserThe 9/11 Promise Run has already raised $70,000 this year and organizers hope to exceed $100,000.
White House And Pentagon Won't Disclose Cost Of Trump's July 4th EventNeither the White House nor the Pentagon will disclose how much the event will cost, sparking criticism from Democrats.   
'Reporting It Didn't Change Anything' | Sexual Assaults Spike At U.S. Military, Air Force, And Naval AcademiesThere’s a disturbing new Pentagon report that indicates sexual assault at three prestigious U.S. military academies spiked 50 percent in the past school year.
Baltimore Man Pleads Guilty To Making ISIS-Related Threats Against The Pentagon, CNNA 47-year-old man from Baltimore pleaded guilty Thursday to making a series of telephone bomb threats in October 2016 against the Pentagon Tours Office and a CNN news affiliate.
US Navy Veteran Arrested In Suspicious Ricin Mailings To Trump, PentagonA subject believed to be connected to suspicious letters sent to President Donald Trump and top Pentagon officials was taken into custody by federal law enforcement in Utah, a federal law enforcement official told CNN on Wednesday.
Google Employees Demand Company Stop Work On U.S. Military ProjectOver 3,000 employees at Google have signed an open letter to the company's leadership urging them to drop out of the Pentagon's project to equip drones with artificial intelligence.
New Videos Reveal More About Pentagon Program That Studied UFOsIt sounds like it should be out of "The X-Files," but a secret study of UFOs has been traced back to the Pentagon.
Army Vet Who Witnessed 9/11 Pentagon Attack: Annual Remembrance 'Is Part Of My Therapy'Not all 9-11 remembrances involved crowds and ceremonies. Sometimes just one person can make a powerful statement.