Jimmy's Famous Seafood Hosting Launch Party For Limited Time Beer 'PETA Tears'Last summer, PETA released billboards in Baltimore urging people to stop eating crabs.
PETA Suggests People Try Fish-Free SeafoodThe People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is encouraging seafood lovers to try fish-free seafood products.
'Why So Crabby?': PETA Crab Billboard Battle ContinuesThe crab billboard controversy is heating up again in Maryland.
Jimmy's Seafood Responds To PETA With Its Own Billboard; 'SteaMEd Crabs. Here To Stay'Marylanders were going crabby over a PETA billboard in Baltimore that urged them to stop eating crabs, but Jimmy's Seafood has fired back with their own billboard.
PETA Puts Up Billboard Urging Marylanders To Stop Eating CrabsMarylanders are getting a bit crabby over PETA's new billboard campaign in Baltimore that's trying to get people to stop eating the state's crustaceans.
Cage Free: Animal Crackers No Longer Behind Bars On New PackagingMondelez International, the parent company of Nabisco, has redesigned the packaging of its Barnum’s Animals crackers in response to pressure from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Animal Crackers Break Out Of Their CagesAfter more than a century behind bars, the beasts on boxes of animal crackers are roaming free thanks to a letter written by PETA.
PETA Asks For End Of Chincoteague Pony Swim After Horse DiesA national organization is asking for Chincoteague to stop its annual pony swim, after a horse died last week during the event.
Baltimore Officer Is Finalist In PETA's 'Sexiest Vegan' ContestA Baltimore police officer has been named as one of the 10 finalists for PETA's "Sexiest Vegan Next Door."
PETA Protests The Universoul Circus For Poor Animal WelfarePETA  claims the Universoul Circus has a poor record when it comes to animal welfare. It's urging people to not buy tickets.
Ravens' Ronnie Stanley Teams With PETA To Encourage Pet AdoptionOver the summer, Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley adopted a dog from the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore and is encouraing others to do the same.