Maryland Paid Family Leave Program Bill Passed To GovernorThe measure also includes job protections to protect employees from retaliation or termination for using the leave.
Hogan Endorses Thiru Vignarajah For Baltimore City State's AttorneyIt is the first time Gov. Hogan, a Republican, has endorsed a Democratic candidate.
Maryland Lawmakers Expected To Approve New Congressional MapThe new map would remove a portion that stretched Andy Harris’ Eastern Shore district across the Chesapeake Bay into an area with more Democrats and would restore GOP strength in the 1st Congressional District.
Maryland Lawmakers Pass Bill To Expand Access To AbortionThe Senate gave the measure final passage on a 28-15 vote.
Bill Banning Ghost Guns In Maryland Passes In HouseGhost guns are unregistered guns that are easily ordered on the internet, easily assembled at home and impossible to trace. 
Maryland Lawmakers Scramble To Produce New Congressional MapCritics said the plan approved in a December special session would potentially enable Democrats to go 8-0 by endangering the state's only Republican congressman, Rep. Andy Harris.
Hogan Submits $2.8B Supplemental Budget For Police, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure & Public HealthThe supplemental budget addresses issues across the state but it notably addresses public safety issues in Baltimore, which has been a priority for Hogan as the city struggles with violent crime. 
Maryland Lawmakers To Take Up New Congressional MapOpponents of the map approved in December said it made the district held by the lone Republican, Rep. Andy Harris, vulnerable.
Maryland Juvenile Justice Reform Bill Passes State SenateThe bill, sponsored by Sen. Jill Carter, is based on recommendations from a state panel.
Hogan Dismisses Questions On White House Run As Speculation Swirls“I’m just gonna wait until I’m done being governor before we talk about that politics stuff,” Gov. Hogan said at the end of a Tuesday press conference.
Maryland Legislators Eye Gas Tax Holiday As Prices At The Pump SkyrocketAn increasing number of governors and state lawmakers across the United States are calling for the suspension of gas taxes.