Jailers Worry About Dental Floss As A WeaponDental floss may prevent toothaches, but it's given jailers plenty of headaches.
Child Support Waiver Bill Passes State SenateA bill modifying a law that allows Maryland prisoners to ask the court to suspend their child support payments is scheduled for a final vote in the state Senate.
Zirkin Says Child Support Bill May Need AmendmentState Sen. Robert Zirkin says the chamber might need to amend his legislation to put some prisoners' child support payments on hold while they are incarcerated.
Gitmo War Crimes Court Surprises Some ObserversThe military tribunals held at an isolated U.S. outpost have been lambasted as kangaroo courts, heavily weighted in favor of the prosecution. But most of the convictions so far have led to lighter than expected sentences.
Md. Re-Entry Symposium To Be HeldMore than 250 people are scheduled to attend Maryland's first symposium to help people transition from the correctional system to society.
O'Malley Won't Veto Bill On Parole Decision TimeGov. Martin O'Malley won't veto a bill that limits the time Maryland's governor gets to make a decision to grant parole for an inmate sentenced to life in prison.
NAACP Joins With Gingrich In Urging Prison ReformThe NAACP is joining Newt Gingrich in calling for a reduction in the number of state and federal prisoners and spending the savings on education.
Woman Aims To Ease Transition For PrisonersBarbara Allen left her job in a Frederick church about five years ago and went to work in a Washington County prison. Helping inmates prepare to re-enter society as a volunteer activities coordinator has led the Frederick resident to tackle new goals of her own.