Md. Congressman Wants To Jump Start Protection From Cyber AttacksProtecting your privacy. Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger wants to jump start protection from cyber attacks by giving more power to Homeland Security.
Some Concerned About Car Computers' Effect On PrivacyConnecting to the web on the road is a convenience that could be harming us. What is saved and shared has people concerned.
New Car Technology Leads To Concerns About Invasion Of PrivacyFrom TVs to automobiles, buying new often means getting the latest technology, from touch screens to wi-fi capability. But is there a price for this accessibility?
Bill Clinton Discusses Privacy, National SecurityFormer President Bill Clinton described Edward Snowden as "sort of an imperfect messenger," who has raised questions about whether the nation can use technology to protect national security without destroying liberty and right to privacy.
Social Media Aided In Probe Of Md. Rabies DeathPublic health investigators say they used Facebook and other social media to find people potentially exposed to the rabies virus after a Maryland man died from the disease last year in a rare case of transmission through a transplanted organ.
Bill Would Set Standards For Student PrivacyMaryland lawmakers will be hearing about a measure to limit commercial use of student data by cloud-computing service vendors.
Army Plans To Fly Surveillance Blimps Over Aberdeen Proving Groundhe U.S. Army is planning to deploy a pair of tethered helium filled blimps over Aberdeen Proving Grounds later this year. Privacy advocates are concerned.
Policing Privacy: New Package Of Md. Bills Sets Limits On Crime-Fighting DevicesTechnology has changed quickly in the last few decades. And law enforcement has adapted with it, using that technology to combat crime. But now some Maryland lawmakers say it is time to set some limits in order to protect citizens’ privacy.
Some Concern Voiced Over Carroll Co. Palm ScannersThe Carroll County schools superintendent says he's receptive to privacy concerns voiced by some parents about new palm-scanning technology in place at some schools.
Debate Over License Plate Readers Grows In MarylandLicense plate readers are expanding across Maryland, but some fear they're an invasion of your privacy.
MTA To Record Audio On Buses; Raises Privacy ConcernsFlipping the switch. Maryland Transportation Administration (MTA) officials are turning on the audio of surveillance cameras on buses. It's a controversial move that's causing a stir among lawmakers, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and MTA riders.