Md. Voters To Decide Same-Sex Marriage In Close RaceThe White House is up for grabs and polls show this could be one of the closest races in history. Here in Maryland, several hot button issues will finally be decided.
Prominent Baltimore Clergy Gathered To Speak Against Same-Sex Marriage In these final days before the election there's a renewed push to influence African-American voters in the same-sex marriage debate. Many are those are considered to be on the fence.
Voters Decided On Gay Marriage Referendum Despite Controversial Campaign AdsIt's coming down to the wire for the campaigns that have dominated Maryland's election year.
Early Voting Begins In MarylandEarly voting is getting started in Maryland.
National Figures Opposed To Same-Sex Marriage Join Marylanders At A RallyWith the election just weeks away, the battle over same-sex marriage is heating up.
Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Begins Airing In MarylandSupporters of traditional marriage hit the airways with their first campaign ad urging voters to say no to same-sex marriage.
Supporters & Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Work To Persuade VotersThe fate of same-sex marriage in Maryland is now in the hands of the voters. With the countdown to Election Day underway, supporters and opponents are turning up the heat to get out the vote.
Md. Releases Same-Sex Marriage Question As It Would Appear On November BallotLook for the same-sex and traditional marriage campaigns to pick up steam, now that they know how the question will appear on the November ballot.