Md. Attorney General's Office Challenges New Trial For SyedThe Maryland Attorney General's Office has filed a formal appeal Monday of a judge's ruling that overturned the murder conviction of Adnan Syed, whose case has become famous through the popular podcast "Serial".
New Trial Granted For Adnan Syed, Subject Of 'Serial' PodcastNew trial granted for Adnan Syed, the Baltimore man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and the subject of the "Serial" Podcast.
Post-Conviction Hearing In Adnan Syed Wraps After 5 DaysA retired Baltimore judge who will determine whether a man convicted of a killing at the center of popular podcast "Serial" deserves a new trial said the five-day post-conviction hearing that concluded Tuesday garnered more attention than any other proceeding he'd seen in the state.
New Motion On Evidence Used To Convict 'Serial' Killer An attorney for a convicted killer at the center of a popular podcast has filed a motion arguing that cell tower data placing the man near the murder scene was inaccurate and should not have been introduced at trial.
New Court Document Explains Why 'Serial' Subject Adnan Syed Should Have New TrialThe convicted killer at the center of the popular podcast "Serial" is making his case that an appeals court should toss his conviction because his lawyer failed to interview an alibi witness and never inquired about the possibility of a plea deal.
Family Speaking Out Following Appeal Opportunity In 'Serial' CaseMillions have listened to his story on the podcast called "Serial," but now it could have a whole new ending. A Maryland appeals court has decided to review the murder conviction of Adnan Syed.
Court Will Allow Appeal From Subject Of 'Serial' PodcastBig break. The subject of the popular podcast "Serial" is granted the right to appeal. It comes a decade after the Baltimore teen was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend.
Podcast Changes Public Perception Of Murder CaseLike more than 1 million other faithful listeners, the family of convicted killer Adnan Syed eagerly awaits the next episode of a podcast investigating his murder case.