2 Sharks Caught & Released Off Ocean City BeachThree 17-year-olds received quite the surprise this weekend when they reeled in two sharks off the shore of Ocean City, Maryland.
Fishing Crew Catches, Releases Great White Shark Near Ocean CityThe crew of a fishing boat accidentally caught and released a great white shark off the coast of Ocean City.
Teens Reel In 5-Foot Long Shark In OCMDA group of teenage boys were caught by surprise earlier this month when a 5-foot long shark was on the end of their fishing line in Ocean City, Maryland.
Influx Of Shark Attacks Has Beachgoers On Alert This Holiday WeekendAn unprecedented influx of shark attacks along East Coast beaches in the past few weeks. And with the holiday weekend ahead, beachgoers are on high alert.
Great White Shark Takes Twitter, East Coast By StormHave you heard of Mary Lee the shark? She now has more than 50,000 Twitter followers---and you may want to start paying attention to this social media shark. Her last ping was in Maryland waters Monday morning off the coast of Chincoteague.
Md. Man Has Close Encounter With Great White; Pets Shark Off Ocean City CoastA Maryland man has a very close encounter with a large great white shark off Ocean City's coast.
Large Tiger Shark Spotted In Waters Near Ocean CityNew technology uncovered an ancient predator in Ocean City: a visitor with some very sharp teeth.
Experts Explain Why Sharks Are Making A Comeback On The Northeast CoastWithin the last few weeks, the Northeastern coastline has seen two shark encounters. One of them was a bite! So what does it all mean for beachgoers?
Boy, 16, Reports Being Bitten By Shark In Del.A shark grabbed hold of a teenager swimming at a Delaware state park. That teen is recovering but the attack has left some beachgoers on edge.
2 Sharks Caught At Mouth Of Potomac RiverJaws on the Eastern Shore of Maryland? Well, not quite. But two large bull sharks are reeled in by the same fisherman.
Md. Shark Fin Law Exempts Some SpeciesA shark fin bill passed by Maryland lawmakers is drawing support from fishing and conservation interests.