If You're Not Sticking To A Regular Sleep Schedule, You're Hurting Your Health, Study SaysA regular sleep time was defined in the study as less than 30 minutes difference, on average, across seven nights.
Later Bedtime Linked With Obesity For Children Under 6, Study SaysThe research, which was part of a wider study on obesity, focused on 107 children in Sweden, with 64 of the children having a parent who classified as overweight or obese.
Are Weighted Blankets Living Up To Their Hype To Reduce Stress And Help With Sleep?Once considered a novelty or fad, weighted blankets have now made their way into the mainstream. Doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists are using them more than ever before to treat a variety of conditions.
Struggling To Quit Sugar? You Might Not Be Sleeping Enough, Study Says
Weed May Not Ease Sleep Problems, Especially For Regular Users, Studies SayResearch since the 1970s has shown mixed results on weed's sleep-aiding benefits.
Losing One Night's Sleep May Increase Risk Factor For Alzheimer's, Study SaysA preliminary study found the loss of one night's sleep in healthy young men increased the levels of tau protein in their blood compared to getting a complete night of uninterrupted sleep.
There's A Scientific Reason You Crave Junk Food When You Don't Get Enough SleepIt's 3 a.m. and you're wide awake for the second night in a row. You get up and stumble to the kitchen for some warm milk mom swears will put you to sleep.
Like It Or Not, Science Backs Up Your Teen's Love Of The Snooze ButtonIn the battle between the adolescent penchant for hitting the snooze button and parental desire to rush them onto an early morning school bus, experts say science is increasingly siding with the snooze.
Lack Of Sleep May Be Ruining Your Sex LifeBeing sleep deprived in today's busy world is almost taken for granted. In fact, in some circles, it's cause for bragging rights.
A Hot Bath 1 Or 2 Hours Before Bedtime Can Significantly Improve Your Sleep, Researchers SayTaking a hot bath or shower an hour or two before going to bed can greatly improve your sleep, according to new research from scientists at the University of Texas at Austin.
Get Your Rest: Why Interrupted Sleep Affects More Than Your AlertnessDon’t take a good night’s sleep for granted. It’s more important for your overall health than you may think.