'They're Tired Of Being Harassed' | Gov. Hogan Fears Squeegee Kids Deterring Baltimore TourismHe said several community leaders had concerns about them during a meeting Monday morning. 
Baltimore Woman Claims Squeegee Kid Sprayed Her In Face After She Told Him Not To Clean Her WindshieldA woman is claiming a squeegee kid sprayed her in the face with unknown liquid after she refused his services to clean her windshield.
Video: Driver Appears To Be Assaulted By Squeegee Kids In Downtown BaltimoreA video shared online shows what appears to be a squeegee kid punching the driver of a car in Baltimore. 
Mayor Jack Young Appoints Baltimore Children's Cabinet To Support City Youth, Address Squeegee Kid IssuesMayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young announced Wednesday a new cabinet charged with helping lead the city's investment and commitment to the city's children and youth.
Driver's Firearm Goes Off During 'Squeegee Kid' Struggle, Baltimore Police Say A firearm went off during a struggle between a driver and squeegee kids Wednesday afternoon
Mayor Meets With Business Leaders To Find Solution To Baltimore's Squeegee Kid ProblemAs the city works to find a fix, some of the squeegee kids said they don't have a choice, and without the income from squeegeeing, they can't afford to eat.
Squeegee Alternative Plan Aims To Get Kids Back In School, Find A JobThe city is now working on a plan to help those kids get back in school or find permanent jobs. 
Mayor Jack Young Has A Plan To Get Squeegee Kids Off Baltimore Intersections, But It Costs $1.19MThe Baltimore mayor's office of Children and Family Success has released a nearly $1.2 million plan to help deter the youth from working at city intersections and redirect their energy. 
Police Patrols Try To Deter Baltimore's 'Squeegee Kids' From Working At City IntersectionsBaltimore police are patrolling the intersections where "squeegee kids" normally conduct business. 
'These Dudes Looking To Work' | Baltimore Man Helping 'Squeegee Kids' Find Jobs With Local Business OwnersAn appeal is being sent out to business owners in the area. 
'Stop Giving Them Money' | BPD Commissioner Offers New Solution To Squeegee Kid ConcernsDuring the crime walk through Otterbein on Monday, some said Baltimore's squeegee kids have become their number one safety concern.