Md. Senate Votes To End State-Mandated Stormwater FeesThe Maryland Senate voted unanimously Friday to end state-mandated stormwater management fees, a priority of Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.
Maryland Senate President's Stormwater Bill Moves ForwardA bill to end mandatory stormwater management fees is moving through the Maryland Senate.
Committee Votes Down Governor's Stormwater Fee Repeal BillGov. Larry Hogan says he is confident Maryland's mandated "rain tax" will soon be dried up, even though a Senate committee on Tuesday rejected his bill to repeal stormwater management fees.
House Panel Shoots Down Hogan Bill To Repeal Stormwater FeesA House committee has voted against Gov. Larry Hogan's proposal to repeal stormwater management fees.
Rain Tax Hearing Gets Stormy In AnnapolisWhat to do about the rain? Lawmakers in Annapolis are debating whether the state should continue to collect that controversial stormwater fee, known as the "rain tax."
Md. Senate President Introduces Stormwater Fee ChangesThe state of Maryland wouldn't impose mandatory fees to clean pollution out of stormwater under a new bill offered Wednesday in the Maryland Senate, but local officials would still have to prove they could pay to meet federal requirements.
Maryland Senate President Introduces Stormwater Fee ChangesMaryland's Senate president has proposed some changes to the state's stormwater management fees.
Man Gets 10 Months For Dumping Waste In Potomac RiverA man who managed a company hired to clean the National Mall storm water sewer system and pleaded guilty to dumping debris and wastewater into the Potomac River has been sentenced to 10 months in prison.
Nearly $4M Grant To Improve The Chesapeake Bay's LivabilityIt doesn't have to be big to make a difference, but it can take money.
Wages, Marijuana, Polluted Water All On Md. AgendaDecriminalizing marijuana, raising the minimum wage and adjusting the fees paid to contain polluted stormwater are all likely to find their way into debates during this year's legislative session.
Trying To Reduce Stormwater Runoff In MarylandA Maryland environmental official is starting a tour around the state to talk about efforts to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff.