Most People Wait Too Long For Knee Replacement Surgery, Study SaysLiving with knee pain? A new study has found that 90% of Americans with osteoarthritis suffer too long before having a knee replacement that could improve their quality of life.
Increasing The Minimum Wage By $1 Could Reduce US Suicide Rates, Study FindsAn increase in the minimum wage could help prevent thousands of suicides every year among workers with a high school degree or less, especially during times when unemployment rates are higher.
Losing One Night's Sleep May Increase Risk Factor For Alzheimer's, Study SaysA preliminary study found the loss of one night's sleep in healthy young men increased the levels of tau protein in their blood compared to getting a complete night of uninterrupted sleep.
New Study To Monitor Ex-Soccer Stars For Early Signs Of DementiaResearchers have launched a new study that hopes to better understand the link between playing soccer and developing dementia.
Study Finds No Statistically Significant Link Between Talc Powder And Ovarian Cancer, But Questions RemainRecent high-profile court cases have raised concerns that women who use talc-based powder around their genital area may be at a risk for ovarian cancer, but a new study says that might not be the case.
Running A Marathon Could Help You Live Longer, Study SuggestsNeed another reason to sign up for that marathon in 2020? New research suggests training and running a marathon for the first time could reverse some of the effects of aging on our bodies.
Volunteering And Other Good Deeds Reduce Physical Pain, Study FindsWe've long been taught that helping others helps ourselves.
Millions Of Americans Are Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana, CDC SaysThe most recent national estimates of drivers who operate a car under the influence of marijuana put the numbers in the millions.
Vaping Linked With Long-Term Risk Of Respiratory Disease On New StudyVaping or using e-cigarettes for a long period of time was associated with an increased risk of respiratory diseases -- including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, chronic bronchitis and asthma -- in a new study.
Cold And Flu Won't Attack You Simultaneously, Study SaysWhile having the flu is the worst, here's a bit of good news you can take to bed with you: You won't suffer from a cold simultaneously.
Eating Chilies Cuts Risk Of Death From Heart Attack And Stroke, Study SaysFor many years, chili has been hailed for its therapeutic properties, and now researchers have found that eating chili peppers regularly can cut the risk of death from heart disease and stroke.
'Magic Mushroom' Ingredient Could Be Used To Treat Depression, Study Says"Magic mushrooms" may have moved one step closer to becoming a treatment for depression.
All Modern Humans Originated In Northern Botswana, Study SaysAfrica has long been regarded as the cradle of humankind, but scientists seeking a more specific location have narrowed in on northern Botswana as the "homeland" for all modern humans, according to a new study.
Pediatricians Are More Likely To Ask Families About Smoke Alarm Safety Than Gun Safety, Study SaysThe study found that pediatricians and pediatric residents were less likely to ask their patients about gun storage safety than smoke alarm safety — indicating an overall hesitation in bringing up gun safety with their patients.
There's A Scientific Reason You Crave Junk Food When You Don't Get Enough SleepIt's 3 a.m. and you're wide awake for the second night in a row. You get up and stumble to the kitchen for some warm milk mom swears will put you to sleep.