UMBC Professor Setting Example For The Next GenerationSTEM education -- short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction -- has taken on new importance as recent reports show the U.S. slipping well behind other industrialized nations when it comes to producing qualified graduates in the STEM fields.
Baltimore Area Project Managers Ensure Goals, Standards Are MetThe most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that from May 2014 to May 2015, construction was among the growth leaders for the region with a healthy 3.9 percent increase for the time period.
Special Needs Teacher Finds Satisfaction Offering Riding InstructionEver since IDEA, not only have the numbers of kids served increased, but more kids have health conditions identified as chronic or acute, like tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, asthma, lead poisoning, and diabetes.
Former Baltimore Nurse Gets Creative In Her Encore CareersAs baby boomers retire in record numbers from jobs many have held for decades, they are turning to second or what are often called ‘encore’ careers as work options.
Baltimore County Social Worker Is A Vital Part Of Mobile Crisis TeamThe Baltimore County Mobile Crisis Team is a collaborative endeavor made possible by the Baltimore County Police Department and the Baltimore County Health Department along with the Affiliated Sante’ Group.
For A Baltimore Mediator, It's All About Being 'Relational'Mediation is an alternative to costly litigation and is focused not only on brokering a resolution to the immediate conflict, but the current model, a more collaborative approach, hopes to lay the foundation for better relationships going forward.
Art Therapist Believes In The Healing Power Of Creative ProcessArt therapy has been cited as particularly helpful in situations where trauma is involved, for the creative process seems to initiate the healing process where words do not; an image, indeed, becomes worth a thousand words.
Population Trends Driving Up Demand For Physical TherapistsThe physical therapy profession is poised to grow dramatically, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for many of the reasons attributed to the surge in other health areas.
Baltimore Behavior Specialist Helps Those With Mental Health ChallengesBehavior specialists, or analysts as they are sometimes called, assist those with problematic behaviors arising out of addiction, chronic pain, and cognitive impairment resulting from injury or disease.
Baltimore Entrepreneur Eager To Nourish Her DreamAs of year end 2014, women entrepreneurs, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners, now lead 9.1 million enterprises, and 20 percent of companies with revenue of one million or more now has a woman at the helm.
Baltimore PR Executive Builds On Reporting Background For SuccessPublic relations and media relations delivered increasingly via the Internet have become multibillion dollar industries fueled by the desire of institutions, companies and some individuals to carefully craft how we view them, their products and services.