Baltimore Psychiatrist Hopes To Reduce Stigma Associated With Mental IllnessThe National Institute of Mental Health, estimates that as many as one in 25 of U.S. adults, or 13.6 million of us, will suffer a serious mental illness in a given year that severely affects quality of life in one or more areas.
Baltimore Chief Financial Officer Shares His Path To SuccessA credit union is distinguished from a bank in several ways. Banks are for profit institutions which have customers and distribute any profits or dividends to stockholders.
Baltimore Area Is Poised For Growth In The Area Of PsychologyWhile the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts average job growth of about 12 percent for psychologists for the period from 2012 to 2022, there are certain specialties within the field which are expected to grow well above this figure.
Baltimore P.I. Brings Years Of Education, Law Enforcement Experience To His RoleAs cyber crime escalates to unparalleled levels, the job outlook for private detectives and private investigators is looking bright.
Creative Writing Instructor Collaborates To Bring Workshop To BaltimoreErnest Hemingway once famously said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” There are those, also, who believe that writers, possessive of some innate talent, can be developed through good education and a certain alchemy of perseverance and good luck.
Technology Executive Is Leading A Big Data Security Venture In BaltimoreDerek Gabbard has been in technology since the development of cyber security as a specialty. He describes what led him into this ever-changing field.
Chief Marketing Officer Brings Expertise To Education CompanyIn all of the many dialogues surrounding recent events in Baltimore City, most agree that education is a critical component to the many changes needed.
R.N. Seeks Fast Track Master's To Meet Demands Of Changing FieldAs far back as 2008, the Institute of Medicine, along with a major public health nonprofit, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recognized that nursing, as a profession, would need to evolve as the our society changed and as healthcare became more about chronic illnesses than acute care.
Baltimore Business Coach Helps Struggling Businesses With Sound AdviceThe experts hedge over the exact numbers of businesses that fail within the first five years, but the numbers are about 50 percent, which is enough to suggest there is a need for veteran business managers and executives to share their expertise through coaching.
Baltimore To See Above Average Job Growth For Pharmacy TechniciansPharmacy Technicians, who perform a myriad of tasks within a pharmacy to keep it running efficiently, can expect above average job growth of 20 percent from 2012 through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Life Coach Says Emotional Intelligence Can Be Assessed OnlineTechnology is making its way into the assessment of human behavior through online evaluations of what is known as 'emotional intelligence.
Baltimore Professor Helps Children Through Equine Assisted PsychotherapyEquine therapy, also known as equine assisted therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy, is, a very effective means to teach those who have autism, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, ADD/ADHD.
Baltimore Chief Technology Officer Encourages Students To EngageOn May 27, 2015, it was widely reported that the IRS will notify about 200,000 taxpayers about unauthorized access to their accounts and offer about half of these free credit monitoring.
Baltimore City Teacher Of The Year Believes In Expanding ClassroomsExperiential learning, or ‘learning by doing,’ is a method of education by which students learn outside the traditional academic setting; through expanded exercises such as field trips, field research, visits to historical sites and instructional camps.
Baltimore Finance Executive Makes Successful Career TransitionThere are certainly parallels between sports and the equally demanding fields of business and management. Both require training, focus, communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Being a manager requires the ability to build a team.