WEATHER BLOG: T.G.I.F.It looks like some showers Friday, but it also looks like a chance of a spring thunderstorm between dinner and bed time.
WEATHER BLOG: Partly Sunny, High Of 64!Looks like our next rain won't be until Thursday, and temperatures will still remain mild.
WEATHER BLOG: One Last Blast?Rain Tuesday and Wednesday will wash this stuff away, and it will get nice and mild Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
WEATHER BLOG: March MadnessAny branches damaged by snow and ice this winter are down now thanks to Mother Nature's pruning mechanism.
WEATHER BLOG: 70!It could actually be warm!
WEATHER BLOG: Warm MondayIt was great to see everyone out everywhere just getting some weekend "me" time. Well Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it will remain not just mild, but Tuesday we will be within sight of 70.
WEATHER BLOG: A New Record LowIs it cold enough for ya? A new record low for the date! Just after 6 a.m., we dropped to 4 degrees--SMASHING the old record of 5 that goes all the way back to 1873.
WEATHER BLOG: Cold, Cold & More Cold
WEATHER BLOG: Cold TemperaturesFlurries Tuesday morning, a light overnight snow, of only an inch or so, on the way.
WEATHER BLOG: Winter Is Back!Winter is back and it will be impacting Maryland with cold temperature and a few chances for intermittent snowfall in the near-term.
WEATHER BLOG: It Had To End Some TimeWe had a chance to push away from the table and catch our winter breath. But you knew it was not going to last.
Tornado Watch Canceled For Md.A Tornado Watch that was in effect for parts of Maryland has been canceled.
WEATHER BLOG: An Active DayLooks like after rain in the area Friday morning and midday, we will have an afternoon of clearing skies and a fine sunset.
WEATHER BLOG: Milder WeatherPrecipitation rolled through this morning, bringing everything from thunderstorms to freezing rain for our northern-most cities.
WEATHER BLOG: Warmer Weather ComingOvernight a light snowfall of a bit over an inch, area wide, ended with a little sleet.