Hearing Postponed In Texting-Fatal Crash CaseA western Maryland woman has had a court hearing postponed on charges she was texting behind the wheel when her car struck and killed a bicyclist in January.
Maryland Authorities Cracking Down On Distracted DriversMaryland State Police are cracking down on distracted driving this month.
Practice What You Preach: Parents Aren't Hanging Up The Phone While Driving Nationwide, one out of every 10 deadly accidents involve distracted drivers. Now, a new study released this week finds that teens -- and not their parents -- and turning off their cell phones while driving.
Md. Drivers, Put Those Cell Phones Down! New Law Begins TuesdayStarting Tuesday all over Maryland, you can get pulled over by the police just for having a cell phone to your ear. Until now, it's been a secondary offense to talk and drive.
Family Calls For Stricter Distracted Driving Laws After 5-Year-Old Son's DeathIn less than a month, talking on your cell phone while driving will become a primary offense--a law one family says is bittersweet after they say they lost their son because of a distracted driver.
Simulator At BCCC Shows Drivers The Dangers Of Texting Behind The WheelThough young drivers only make up 7 percent of the population, they're responsible for over 15 percent of car accidents.
Verizon Works To Keep People From Texting While DrivingMemorial Day to Labor Day are the deadliest days of the summer for drivers, especially young drivers. Many of the accidents are caused by distracted driving.
Top Cell Phone Providers Work Together To Fight Texting While DrivingIt's an unprecedented move by the nation's top cell phone providers. Normally fierce competitors, the four companies have now banded together to fight the epidemic of texting and driving.
Study Shows Voice-To-Text Is As Dangerous As TypingIt's illegal in Maryland to text on hand-held cell phones. Many drivers use their voice-to-text, thinking it's a safer option but a new study shows it's just as dangerous as typing.
Put It Down: Delegate Wants To Put The Brakes On Cell Phone Use In The CarIn Annapolis, there's a new push to restrict what drivers can and can't do with their cell phones behind the wheel.
Local Teens Learn Dangers Of Distracted Driving Via Virtual GameIf you text and drive, you lose. That's the message students at a local high school drove away with after spending the morning behind the wheel playing a virtual texting while driving game.