Friday, June 26, 2015Linh Bui has "Coffee With" Vic Carter, who speaks with Baltimore police officers in the riots. Ron Matz has "People Are Talking" about Gertrude's "Doug Strong" event in support of Doug Wetzel.
Wednesday, May 6, 2015Coffee With Vic Carter; People Are Talking about the Maryland Film Festival.
Monday, Feb. 23, 2015Coffee With Vic Carter .
Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014Coffee With Vic Carter; People Are Talking about 2014 Santé.
President Obama Speaks With WJZ About The So-Called 'Doomsday Deadline'In just two weeks, far-reaching budget cuts known as the sequester are set to take effect. It could cause massive job cuts and changes to services we count on. In an effort to make his case to the American people, President Obama is taking to the airwaves.
On Time: August 21, 2011Kai Jackson spoke with Vic Carter, Kathryn Cooper Nicholas and Anthony Brown.
Vic Carter Has Exclusive Interview With New CBS AnchorIt's a new era for the most respected news operation in history.  The CBS Evening News will welcome Scott Pelley to the news desk Monday evening.  Pelley and Vic Carter had a long conversation about his historic appointment and what you will see when he takes charge.
Fort Detrick Neighbors Say Area's ContaminatedNeighbors of Fort Detrick in Frederick are demanding action. They claim research on biological weapons contaminated the water they drank, the soil they farmed and the air they breathed.
Ray Rice Stands Up Against Drunk DrivingOn the field he is protected by men twice his size, but on the streets Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knows he is as vulnerable as any of us to the deadly potential of a drunk driver.