Maryland Weather: Severe Thunderstorm Warnings In Effect Throughout Most Of The RegionSevere thunderstorm warnings have been issued for areas of Maryland throughout early Thursday evening. 
Weather Blog: A Mixed WeekendThe "Friday Eve" thought makes a very wet start to the day not quite as "blah" as it could be.
Weather Blog: Cloudy AfternoonWe will end the day with a look that can only be described as dishwater gray.
Weather Blog: Comfortable Temperatures On The WayA quick look at the forecast for the coming days. Tomorrow look for increasing clouds later on, and a very nice comfortable high of 76.
Weather Blog: Rain Ripening The AreaAll this rain in May, and at times this month, have really ripened up the entire area and that is good.
Weather Blog: Showers Move Out, Drier Conditions Move InSome light showers were around earlier in the day, but tonight a batch of more steady rain and showers are approaching the region.
Weather Blog: Wet And RainyMisty, foggy, rainy, and maybe loud as we do have a heavy thunderstorm or two in the outlook.
Weather Blog: Partly Sunny And WarmToday Partly Sunny and in the low 80's, tomorrow much the same. Enjoy!
Weather Blog: Summer-Like Weather Headed Our WayA warm and moderately humid day, but the showers that developed were very sparse. 
Weather Blog: Partly Sunny Thursday, A Nice Weekend AheadClouds and more humid conditions across the region, but all the showers and thunderstorms were well south of central Maryland on Wednesday. 
Weather Blog: Feels SummerlikeWe started this day off not in the upper 40's as we had yesterday, but rather in the low 60's. And a bit humid too.