First Lady Melania Trump Unveils White House Rose Garden Restorations Ahead Of RNCFirst lady Melania Trump on Saturday unveiled the newly renovated White House Rose Garden, an iconic space that she will use as a backdrop for her upcoming speech to the Republican National Convention.
Myron Berryman Identified As Suspect In Shooting Near White House That Interrupted President Trump's Press ConferenceThe suspect who was involved in a shooting outside the White House Monday was identified as 51-year-old Myron Berryman.
Armed Man, Secret Service Officer Taken To Hospital Following Shooting Near White HouseA man and a U.S. Secret Service officer were taken to a D.C. hospital following a shooting near the White House Monday evening, the agency said.
First Lady Melania Trump Announces Rose Garden 'Renewal' ProjectFirst Lady Melania Trump has announced plans to redo the White House Rose Garden to make it more in line with the original design implemented during the 1960s Kennedy administration.
Protesters Try To Pull Down Andrew Jackson Statue Near White House In DCProtesters tried to pull down a statue of President Andrew Jackson near the White House Monday night before being dispersed by police.
DC Paints Huge Black Lives Matter Mural Near White HouseCity workers and volunteers painted the words Black Lives Matter in enormous bright yellow letters on the street leading to the White House, a highly visible sign of the District of Columbia's embrace of a protest movement that has put it at odds with President Donald Trump.
DC Guard To Investigate Helicopter Maneuvers To Show ForceThe National Guard of the District of Columbia is investigating the use of one of its helicopters to make a "show of force" against protesters near the White House, while President Donald Trump is encouraging authorities to get tougher to quell the unrest over George Floyd's death.
George Floyd Death: Protesters Converge On White House For Second Straight DayAt Lafayette Park, across from the White House, three lines of barricades separated protesters from a line of police officers in riot gear.
Linda Tripp, Whose Tapes Were Pivotal In Bill Clinton's Impeachment Scandal, Dies At The Age Of 70Linda Tripp, who secretly recorded her conversations with Monica Lewinsky about the then-intern's relationship with President Bill Clinton in the White House, has died, according to her mother, Inge Carotenuto, and her former attorney, Joseph Murtha.
Man Arrested Outside White House Saturday After Threatening To Assassinate President TrumpHedgpeth told the officer he planned to do it with a knife, which the Secret Service officer confiscated after a pat down search, the report said.
Baltimore City FOP Attends Summit Meeting With President TrumpThe topics included violent crime, inadequate sentencing, social activist prosecutors and more.