Officials Reminding Marylanders To Observe Wildlife From Safe DistancesThe Maryland Department of Health along with the Department of Natural Resources wants to remind Marylanders not to feed or pet wildlife and to observe them from a safe distance. 
Is Feeding Bread To Ducks Still A No-No? Mysterious Sign Sparks Furious DebateA Facebook post showing a sign asking passersby to feed bread to ducks in a park in Buxton, England has sparked fierce debate online.
Osprey Dangling From Nesting Platform Along Rt. 40 Rescued In Havre de GraceA wildlife rescue and area firefighters helped to save a 1-year-old female osprey found dangling by a leg from a nesting platform along Route 40 in Harford County Sunday.
Over 5M Oysters Planted In Patapsco River In Effort To Restore Water Quality, HabitatThey planted 3.4 million spat, or baby oysters, were planted on Wednesday alone- they originally had planned to seed around one million at the Campbell Reef. 
Baltimore Man Finds 8-Foot Boa Constrictor Near Lake MontebelloIan Mack, who found the snake, said he passed the snake on to Wildlife Adventures, a wildlife awareness education outreach program in Baltimore. 
Last Of Whooping Cranes Depart From Maryland Breeding ProgramThe last of a flock of 75 whooping cranes has left a U.S. Geological Survey site in Maryland, marking the end of a 52-year-old breeding program.
Baby Moose 'Adopts' Family And Their DogA week-old baby moose abandoned by its mother is warming hearts on social media after she "adopted" a new family that stepped in to help.
Last Caribou Herd On U.S. Mainland 'Functionally Extinct', Experts SayThe last herd of southern mountain caribou -- known as gray ghosts -- has reportedly dwindled down to the point where wildlife experts are calling them "functionally extinct"
'A New Level Of Stupid': Resort Visitors Throw Carrots At AlligatorAuthorities reportedly have a description of the carrot throwers and are ready to hand out a $200 fine for each carrot tossed at the dangerous beast.
Md. Org. Tours Chesapeake Educating Culture And History On The WaterThe goal is to get people out on the Chesapeake Bay and learn about the culture and history and learn about our beautiful wildlife.
America's Top 5 Must-Visit AquariumsWant to explore the ocean's depths while staying on dry land? Visit 5 of the most must-visit aquariums in the U.S. according to Sy Montgomery, author of, "The Soul Of An Octopus: A Surprising Exploration Into The Wonder Of Consciousness."