Miami May Try Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes In Zika FightOfficials in Miami trying to stop the outbreak of Zika are exploring the use of mosquitoes infected with bacteria.
Maryland Focuses On Zika, Despite Lack Of Cases Mosquito season may be waning in Maryland, but Zika research in the state is in full force.
After Zika, Critical to Monitor Babies' Health But How Long?More federal money finally is available to fight Zika even as the news worsens. Babies who at first seem to have escaped the virus' devastating hallmark defect — an abnormally small head at birth — might not be out of the woods after all.
New Batch of Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Found in Miami BeachMore Zika-carrying mosquitoes have been captured in Miami Beach, this time in a new neighborhood.
VIDEO: Zika Vaccine Trials Begin In BaltimoreZika vaccine trials began Tuesday at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine in Baltimore
Officials: Zika Spread Through Sex By Man With No SymptomsU.S. health officials are reporting the first case of Zika spread through sex by a man with no symptoms of the disease.
FDA Expands Zika Screening To All U.S. Blood CentersThe Food and Drug Administration wants all U.S. blood centers to start screening for Zika.
Johns Hopkins Opens New 'Zika Center'As the threat of the Zika virus continues to grow, doctors in Baltimore are searching for ways to protect expectant moms and their babies.
Zika Won't Hurt South Florida Tourism In Long Run The discovery of Zika-carrying mosquitoes in South Florida certainly isn't ideal for tourism, but local officials and business leaders are confident the long-term impact on the tourism industry will be minor.
Maryland Officials Expand Baltimore Mosquito Control Efforts Maryland agriculture officials say they are working with the Baltimore health department to expand mosquito control services in the city amid concern over the potential for mosquito-borne diseases, including West Nile and Zika viruses.
Zika Vaccines Work in Monkeys, Boosting Hopes For PeopleThree experimental Zika vaccines protected monkeys against infection from the Zika virus.