A Guide To Social Leagues In Baltimore

February 11, 2012 5:00 AM

By Sara Blumberg

Do you have an urge to play kickball or dodgeball, but feel you’re too old to play? Or do you want to socialize while getting some exercise? If so, try out the many social sport league options available in Baltimore. From bocce to kickball, there are plenty of places in the area to burn some calories while meeting new people.

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Baltimore Sports and Social Club

Contact: www.baltssc.com/contact.asp
Sports offered: football, softball, volleyball, wiffleball, broomball, dodgeball

One of the biggest sporting social leagues is the Baltimore Sports and Social Club (BSSC). The BSSC offers year-round sports for any team interested in playing, while enjoying some drinks.

Interested participants can either join a team with their friends or sign up as a “free agent.” An average season is usually eight weeks and will cost each player $60. That money will go toward t-shirts and paying for the use of facilities and referees.

Players can play different levels with each sport, ranging from social (highly competitive) to super x social (for fun). After each game, teams are encouraged to hit up sponsor bars for beer and drink specials.

If you want to sign up, become a member at the web site. Fall sports include dodgeball and wiffleball. Spring includes kickball, while summer is for softball. In addition, winter is for volleyball and broomball.

For more information on how to sign up, check out the web site.

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Baltimore Bocce League

Contact: Giovanni Marcantoni at giovanni@baltimorebocce.com
Sports offered: Bocce

Bocce is an underground sport that is gaining massive popularity in Charm City. While it was started during the Roman Empire, the Italians perfected the sport. A match is conducted between two teams and involves creative tactics to win.

The Baltimore Bocce League was started by a group of 20 people who wanted a chance to enjoy the game while socializing. Originally the league started in Federal Hill and has grown to other locations in Hampden and Patterson Park.

The league runs from April until September. Participants can sign up with a team or come in as a free agent. Teams usually consist of five players and will cost around $60 for the season. After a game, teams can also enjoy drink specials with area sponsor bars.

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Baltimore Cornhole Club

Contact:  BaltimoreCornholeClub@gmail.com
Sports offered: Cornhole

Like bocce, cornhole is another leisure sport that is growing in popularity in Baltimore. It’s so popular, the Baltimore Cornhole League was formed last year.

Cornhole is played between two teams who take turn throwing bags at opposite wooden platforms. It’s very similarly to horseshoes but without the stakes. Other common names for Cornhole include Baggo, Corn Toss or Soft Horseshoes.

To play in this league, which runs all year, it costs $75 for the season. Leagues are both inside or outside at varying locations in the city. In order to sign up, your team has to have two official players and add alternatives as needed. In addition, only 25 teams are allowed to play per session. Also remember, no solo pick-ups in cornhole due to the league’s size.

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Kickball League of Baltimore

Contact: kickball_baltimore@yahoo.com
Sport offered: Kickball

Started in 2001, the Kickball League of Baltimore was started as a way to engage participants in their childhood sports. Now in its 10th year in the city, the league continues to grow in popularity. It has grown to more than 250 leagues throughout the city.

This league has expanded to different neighborhoods in Baltimore, including Canton, Federal Hill and Catonsville. In addition, the league runs exclusively in the summer and you have the option of coming in as a free agent or creating your own team.

The season runs from April until November, so make sure to sign up early.

Sara Blumberg is a freelance blogger living in Baltimore City. Visit her blog at sarabydesign.wordpress.com.