In this age of technology, it seems that cell phones and cameras are everywhere.

For some people, it can be a chore trying to capture that special moment to post on social media or immortalize for posterity. Service Photo Supply offers the best in photographic equipment and supplies.

Located in the Hampden area of Baltimore City, this company was founded over 50 years ago.

According to the website, “When you contact Service Photo, you’ll find that our staff has your best interests in mind, taking care to match the best items to your style of photography. In addition, our high level of customer service includes offering our customers the lowest everyday prices on our entire inventory.”

One employee from Service Photo Supply offers the following tips to the public to make the most of those special moments on a camera phone.

Jonathan Mount
Service Photo
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www.servcephoto.comJonathan Mount has been working at Service Photo since August of 2014. His behind-the-scenes still photography has been featured in various studios, including the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). His work has also been published in the Baltimore Sun and National Public Radio (NPR).

Check The GridOn each camera phone, there is a grid usually located under ‘options.’ Be sure the option is turned on. Keep the grid on the screen. Line up your image along the intersection points of the grid lines. This will help you to line up the camera shot as well as focus. Once you have the grid lined up, you can always turn the option off until the next time.

Check Your LensBe sure the lens is clean. If the lens is dirty, the image quality will be horrible. It will give your picture a blurred effect. Dust and fingerprints cannot be avoided, especially if you use your camera a lot. If you need to clean your lens for a better picture, use a soft-bristled brush and a lens cleaning solution. Also, use your lens cap when your camera is not in use.

Flash When NeededOnly use your flash for emphasis. It is not always needed. People tend to always want to use their flash, but it is not necessary. Use your better judgment. Try to use the natural lighting that is in the room. If the room appears to be too dark, then use the flash if additional lighting is not available.

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Focus Your ImageMake sure your image is focused so that you can get a good quality picture. No one wants to get stuck with blurry pictures. You may need to move closer or farther away from the image you want to shoot. Look at the image through your camera to decide what you want to do.

Size MattersIf you must print pictures from your camera, print a smaller size. An 8×10 or larger photo may produce a picture with horrible quality. You want the best quality picture no matter what the size. Keep in mind that the sensors in the camera phone, which help to capture the picture, are smaller so, therefore, the image should be smaller.

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