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Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma

Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma

IPA Beer Making Kit
Price: $44.95

If boiling water and tossing in pasta is your idea of cooking, you probably haven’t impressed too many of your dates; maybe it’s time to try something new. Now, with minimal cooking skills and the IPA Beer Kit from Williams-Sonoma, you can impress your lady and make your brewing dreams come true.

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The kit includes brewing equipment and enough malt, grain, hops and yeast for one gallon of Indian Pale Ale. Besides boiling the water— which you can probably get your lady friend to do if you can’t manage—you will need to exercise your brain a little when reading the instructions from A Guide to Craft Brewing, provided with the kit. Or you could just want to wing it, like you do most everything else.

Though you may not be a top chef, hopefully you’ll have a few of the necessary tools and ingredients not included in the kit, such as a pot (for boiling not smoking), fine-mesh strainer, 10 lb. ice and 10 bottles (or you can keep it classy and just chug straight from the gallon jug provided).

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I know you don’t want to do dishes but if you clean the tools after your first batch, and grab some more of the ingredients from the store, you can re-use the equipment to create batch numero dos.

So, grab das boot and show your lady that you really know how to heat things up.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Baltimore.