Sometimes it is just too difficult to keep you children still for a family portrait at the mall. If hire you a photographer from our list, your kids will be asking for makeup. – Lance Duvall


Kim Flores Photography

Catonsville, MD

Kim Flores captures the simple and pure moments in life. Moments that are real and are captured by the lens make for beautiful photos. After the birth of her first daughter, Flores focused on children’s photography. Little details and mannerisms become lost, and Flores helps preserve those moments like an infant sucking on a thumb and an older brother sharing a toy with his little sister. Capture your child’s biggest and smallest moments with the photography of Kim Flores.


Heather Crowder Photography

1005 Queen Annes Lace Way
Annapolis, MD 21401

Heather Crowder specializes in lifestyle portraits of newborns, toddlers and children. Crowder’s fresh and spirited portraits are due to her contemporary style and really separate her photos from many fellow photographers in her field. Her modern and boutique photography studio is located in downtown Annapolis. The studio is natural lit but her best work may be from shooting on location. With a beautiful landscape as the background, your beloved little ones bring life to the foreground.


Alexandra Bull Photography

1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

For family photographs, contact Alexandra Bull. Alexandra Bull offers unique family packages as well as a “Holiday Cards.” Gather the family before the holiday season for a card that family members and friends will all enjoy receiving. Alexandra Bull has seven kids of her own and knows exactly how to work with kids for a great family photo. It is one big happy family with Alexandra Bull Photography.


Blair Blanks Photography

6709 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212

Blair Blanks Photography is located in downtown Towson and specializes in photos in newborns and infants. Blair Banks takes images in both color and black and white for an artistic look. Newborn sessions are usually taken within the first 12 days after birth, and Blair Banks is flexible with accommodating the unpredictable schedule. Family portraits and expectant mothers have also enlisted Blair Blanks services and her shots do not disappoint. Blair Blanks’ knowledge of lighting may make the photos look professional, but your children are the “light” of the photograph.


J. Otte Photography

2029 Monkton Road
Monkton, MD 21161

The photographer of the nationally-known Similac Infant Formula ad campaigns is located in Maryland. Jodie Otte has had photographs published in local publications BabySteps and Modern Babies and larger publications InStyle, People Magazine and The New York Times. You can hire Jodie Otte for your precious newborn or infant. She has an eye for highlighting your child’s precious spirit. You never know, your baby may be selected and casted in another big client shoot for J. Otte Photography.