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Everyone agrees: a savory milkshake is an always-welcomed delicacy! There are many options in the Baltimore area, so check out our top five places to try a tasty frozen drink. You’re bound to have a delicious treat, no matter the season!

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Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop prides itself as being the place for desserts, and indeed their sweet menu is full of tasty gelati (ice creams) and frozen drinks’ combinations. They’re much known around downtown for their Italian-style coolers, such as mango, strawberry or peach smoothies and their specialty gelati, like chocolate éclair truffle and cinnamon pecan ice cream pie. Try one today!

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Looking for the best milkshake around? Many Baltimoreans say G&A Restaurant serves the best cold delicacies. For only around $4 and with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or cherry, this place will definitely enchant you. While you’re there, try one of their ice creams and pies. Yummy!

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Broadway Diner is not only famous for being shown on “Food Networks’ Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” in 2009, but also for its’ frozen drinks. For the pickiest sweet tooth, the restaurant serves tasty milkshakes, ice cream sundaes (done the old-fashioned way!) and their signature Broadway banana split.

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Check website for other locations.The Cheesecake Factory impresses with an extensive menu of frozen drinks, such as tropical, peach or strawberry smoothies. Try a delicious blend of blackberry, blueberry and agave in their “frozen iced berry” drink or coconut and swirled raspberry puree in their “frozen iced mango.” For a list of locations and other specialty drinks, check out their website.

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The Abbey Burger Bistro might be known as Maryland’s “Great Burger Joint,” but their tasty sweet menu is also something to consider. The bistro offers an incredible delicious combination of foods and drinks, and it’s best if you check their online weekly menu beforehand. Their $5 delicious desserts like chipwhich, brownie sundae and root beer float will ensure you’ll come again. And while there, design your own burger!