Baltimore is a city which has stood since Colonial America, became a central point of conflict in the Civil War, was the touchstone of intercontinental trade and stood as a bastion of the early Civil Rights movement. In the modern era, Baltimore is home to some of the most influential art museums and schools in the world, and produces street art of astonishing talent and scope. Take a look at these samples to see.
General Casimir Pulaski Monument
200 S. Linwood Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 396-9392

At the Southeast corner of Patterson Park, on a broad circular expanse near the corner of Eastern Avenue and South Linwood Avenue, sits a monolithic slab of carved stone with the single word “PULASKI” in gold relief at the top. Beneath the title, and dominating the monolith, is a brazen relief of a General leading a cavalry charge. The General is not looking at the danger ahead, but rather back at his men as he encourages them onward. The detail of the relief is stunning, and the depth the artist managed to capture in the limited amount of space with which he was working is truly captivating. The monument is tribute to a Polish General who defended Baltimore during the American Revolution.

Washington Monument 
699 Washington Place
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 962-5070

Before the Washington Monument in D.C. was ever constructed, scenic Mount Vernon in Baltimore received its own Washington Monument, and both of them constructed by the same architect. Unlike the simple obelisk in D.C., the colossal column in Mount Vernon is capped with a beautifully-rendered statue of Washington himself. Visitors may ascend the 227 steps interior to the column and emerge on the deck above to view the entire Mount Vernon neighborhood. The plaza contains a number of other statues, including a beautifully carved fountainhead, a brazen statue at ground-level of Washington on his horse, and five statues capping the corners of the plaza: Force, Order, Peace, War, and a Seated Lion.

BMA Sculpture Garden
10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 573-1700

The Baltimore Museum of Art is impressive at every level, but the building can’t contain the artful skill that spills out to the Museum’s exterior. Visitors who wish to enjoy art outdoors may take the opportunity to stroll through the two terraced gardens which sprawl over almost three acres of land. Beautiful as the gardens themselves are, it’s the dozens of pieces of art, some of which are nearly one hundred years old, which form the true attraction of these grounds. This is a tour for people with a true taste for art, as it showcases everything from modern to contemporary, to abstract sculpture.

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Baltimore LED Art Billboard
1713 Amuskai Road
Baltimore, MD 21234
(410) 979-0147

On 1700 North Charles Street, right next to Baltimore’s Penn Station, sits a vivid 52′ by 42’ Formetco digital sign. This billboard, like any other billboard you’ve ever seen, runs ads for everything from movies to beverages. But something is different about this board. As each advertisement fades away, it is replaced by a brilliant piece of art looming large over the landscape of Baltimore. This isn’t just any art, either. You won’t find anything seen here in any art gallery. No, these pieces are unique – hand-selected by the sign’s owners and creators from local artists to be proudly shown to the entire city in their own outdoor display.

Graffiti Alley 
128 W. North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Some of the most brilliant and talented artists in Baltimore are considered criminal for practicing their craft. These graffiti artists won’t ever make it to art school, or be recognized beyond the special tag they’ve developed for the streets. Their tools are cheap spray-paint, and their medium is someone else’s property. But there is one spot in the city where this isn’t the case, and that spot is Graffiti Alley. The only location in Baltimore sanctioned for graffiti art, the alley, and the adjoining Graffiti Warehouse, are an ever-shifting tableau of color and design as new and old artists cycle through and paint new art on the walls day and night.

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