Photography may begin as simple pointing and clicking but it has the potential to become a personal, intimate experience between subject, artist and audience. However, perfecting your skills requires work, adaptability and patience; even the likes of Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz did not become overnight successes. If you would like to enhance your own picture-taking abilities, these area photography classes are helpful for both beginners and professionals.

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Maryland Institute College Of Art
1300 W. Mount Royal Ave.
Baltimore, Md. 21217
(410) 669-9200

The longstanding photography program at MICA began more than a century ago and continues to educate its students on the impact this fine art has within contemporary society. Classes are applicable to photojournalism, technology and history. Learn about black and white film, digital cameras, lighting, deconstructing the photograph and still versus moving pictures. Discover different worlds in night, landscape and body photography. The classes may be taken with a studio concentration or even paired with humanistic studies.

The Photo Mentor
13405 Pulver Place
Darnestown, Md. 20878
(301) 340-2259

Price: $99-199

A professional photographer for a quarter century, Stu Estler teaches classes for both children and adults just outside of Washington, D.C. Change your view of the world while improving your pictures as Estler helps you snap shots more quickly and easily. Beginners learn about composition, lighting and those complicated camera settings. Those with experience can learn alternative techniques to stretch their creativity. You will use the photos you take to tell a story, so be prepared to wear your heart on your photograph. Along with in-person lessons, classes can be taught via email for convenience.

The Dodson School Of Art
717 Old Belfast Road
Sparks, Md. 21152
(410) 771-4794

Price: $250

The Dodson School offers classes in painting, drawing and jewelry making and its digital photography classes are taught by Jeffery Wolk, a professional photographer since the 1970s whose clients include National Geographic, Pumpernickel Press, and Proctor & Gamble. His small classes allow for individualized instruction and separate beginners from advanced students. Learn more about how digital photography differs from film, both its advantages and disadvantages. You will gain experience with appropriate lighting for portraits and landscapes, as well as how results differ from one lens or camera to another. While photography software, such as Photoshop, allows for certain editing and special effects, any photographer must adapt to the subject and environment to maintain cost-effectiveness when producing pictures.

Community College Of Baltimore County
7201 Rossville Blvd.
Baltimore, Md. 21237
(443) 840-2222

At various locations throughout Baltimore, CCBC offers a variety of photography classes, either for enrolled students, non-credit classes or to obtain a certificate in Photography and Imaging. Begin with the fundamentals of photography, such as digital, black and white film, landscape photography and experience in a darkroom. As you progress you can learn studio techniques to further your career. Apply what you learn to freelance work, professional wedding photography, photojournalism or forensic photography.

Art Exposure
1410 William St.
Baltimore, Md. 21230
(410) 404-3587

Price: $95-125

Photographers of all ages are encouraged to learn at Art Exposure. Camps for children focus on a different subject every day and a class collage is created from the children’s own choices. Teen photography, for those 10 to 14 years old, delves into an understanding of the camera and how to communicate through their pictures. Adult classes for beginners or intermediate students both include outdoor sessions. Introduction to Digital discusses the lens, exposure and histograms while Beyond Basic works on composition, metering and image depth.

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