Some love the crust, some crave the cheese, and others may enjoy the toppings, and in Baltimore there are plenty of great choices for pizza fans.  With crab meat nearby, some pizza restaurants have made improvements to the traditional pizza pie.


Matthew’s Pizza

3131 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Since 1943, Matthew’s Pizza has provided pizza charm to the Charm City.  The pizza dough and sauce are made fresh everyday by hand with Matthew’s highest quality ingredients.  Be sure to try Matthew’s Crab Pie made of 100% backfin crab meat, hand-grated mozzarella, imported reggianito cheeses topped with onions and Old Bay Seasoning.  Take a look at Matthew’s menu, the numerous awards and honors are hard to ignore.  Not quite deep-dish, Matthew’s Pizza will attract both Chicago-style and New York-style fans.

credit: Elliot Plack

Pasta Mista

822 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204
410-321-8855  ‎

Pasta may be in the name, but Pasta Mista is famous in Baltimore for the pizza.  A New York-style crust, you order pizza by the slice and there are plenty of topping-rich choices.  Chicken parmesan and creamy, herby pesto and chicken are favorites and the marinara sauce completes the pie.  With new locations in Lutherville, Md. and another on Boston St. in Baltimore, Pasta Mista is becoming a well-known name in Baltimore.


Bagby Pizza Company

1006 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

In the Harbor East community of Baltimore, a slice of Italy can be found at Bagby Pizza Company.  Italian flour and Italian tomatoes help Bagby’s pizza rival that of the finest pizza found in Italy.  Ingredients are never frozen and there are plenty of gourmet pizzas to order.  While you dine on a great dish, enjoy local artwork up on display.  Bagby Pizza Company gives local artists an avenue to sell their pieces within the community.


Italian Gardens

814 Kenilworth Drive
Towson, MD 21204

There is another reason to stop by Shops at Kenilworth besides shopping, and that reason is New York-style pizza.  Italian Gardens fills the Kenilworth mall with the fresh smells of baking pizza.  Whether by the slice or pie, an Italian Garden pizza will transform new customers into returning fans.  A great restaurant for children, Italian Gardens offers both take-out and sit-down dinning.  Enjoy a slice from Italian Gardens and you will understand why shoppers to the Kenilworth always have Italian Gardens on their shopping list.


B.O.P. – Brick Oven Pizza

800 South Broadway
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Brick Oven Pizza, or B.O.P. for short, gives diners a lot to think about before ordering a pizza.  With 52 toppings, you can build your own pizza creation and watch your meal bake in a traditional wood fired brick oven.  What competitors’ crusts lack in a standard oven, Brick Oven Pizza crust has the advantage of added flavor and crispy texture.  Choose from their famous wheat crust and their almost famous ultra thin crust.  No matter your selection, a Brick Oven Pizza is whole new pizza experience.

credit: flickr/ginnerobot

Angelo’s Carry Out

3600 Keswick Road
Baltimore, MD 21211

Angelo’s Carry Out is located on the corner of 36th Street, and when it comes to their “Big” pizza, they certainly do not cut any corners.  At 30 inches, the “Big” Pizza does make it difficult for you to get through your doorway.  Who knew they even made a box big enough for such a big pizza pie?  Even Angelo’s pizza by the slice is generous in size.  One slice may be enough for lunch.  Order a hand-tossed pizza or try one of their subs to satisfy your “Big” appetite.

By Lance Duvall